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Can't believe I'm moving again. I've been moving from house to house since I was a kid and this time I'm not so annoyed because we're moving to a better house. The house in question was built by my great great grandfather (not kidding, the place is about a hundred years old) and it was empty since the death of my great-aunt, last person who lived there. I used to loved the place when I was a kid, the smell of the place and the old furniture always fascinated me. And speaking of the furniture... Everything is still inside the house! The only problem are the termites. The house has been renovated by my great-aunt and it looks wonderful, but some of the old furniture is full of termites. Any tips to get rid of them? We're using lots of poison, but I feel like I'm just poisoning myself at this rate.

My favorite pieces are the vanity and the crystal closet. The vanity is just perfect, we only need to change the mirror because it has black spots (caused by the age, I believe). The crystal closet is a truly amazing piece, but the wood is hollow because of the termites. I'll try to renovate it myself. I wish I had pictures of them with me right now, but since I'm moving to the place where they are, it won't be that difficult.

And if I disappear it's because I'll be busy cleaning the new (old) house and packing everything to move. So don't despair. Twisted Evil

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I don't know what you can for termites but they need to be gotten rid of before they destroy the house much less furniture. Here in the US, there are exterminator services that will fumigate the house.
standready on Sun Jun 30, 2013 10:52 pm
I've got a termite problem in my town house in the UAE as well. If they're already in some of the wood, I think you should sacrifice those pieces to save the others. Once they're in the wood, I don't think you'll ever really successfully get rid of them. But if you are determined, you could try the method below just to see whether it works.

The termites in my town house seem to be mostly in the crevices of walls, not wood (yet any way). My neighbour got pest control in (who drilled holes and the whole works), but I've been doing the following instead - you could try it on wood too:

1. Scrape off the termites. Make sure they are dead. Vacuum them, and then after that of course clean the vacuum machine.
2. I then use WD-40 cleaner to thoroughly clean the area that the termites occupied. Leave it for an hour or more to dry. I'll give it longer for the wood to dry.
3. Then use poly filler to cover up that area (you can find poly filler for wood as well). Idea is to smooth out the crevices.
4. So far the termites have not returned to the treated surfaces. The first incidence was about a year ago. The most recent experience about a month ago. Yuck! But the actual treatment seems to be working.

deanhills on Mon Jul 01, 2013 1:38 am
If you want a less toxic way to get rid of them (fire, fire, heh)(sorry, my evil twin) a lot of people around here swear by the orange oil termite treatment. I know it's made from orange peel or summat, and I haven't heard of anyone saying it doesn't work..
onebadpenny on Mon Jul 01, 2013 7:52 pm
Is it the same orange oil people use for cleaning? I've got some and will try it myself with the next event.
deanhills on Mon Jul 01, 2013 9:49 pm
I have no clue if it's the same. I mean, yeah, it's based on the same stuff, but do they do something different with it....? I just know they fill up those cylindrical tanks that have pump handles built into them and 3 foot hoses with those long metal nozzles attached and they go spray all around the base of your walls, inside and out , and they'll do it while you have 2 year olds running around who seem to love their new-found licking skills and are trying out their tongues on anything that looks, sounds or smells different or, failing that, anything they can reach with their tiny taste buds. And to the best of my knowledge, unlike the termites, all of the kids lived to lick another day.
onebadpenny on Tue Jul 02, 2013 12:28 am
I like how you put it obp! Laughing I must look into it too. Maybe if I spray it around the floor skirtings and door and window crevices (every where where dust or sand may collect) it may sort those guys out permanently.

With my neighbour the pest control guys were drilling their hearts out, holes every where in the walls. I imagine those walls can't be in great shape after the beating they got, first from termites and then major drilling.

I'll go check out the specialty hardware store they have in one of our malls for the orange oil remedy.

OK here are already some results:

Aha .... this one is for drywood termites
deanhills on Tue Jul 02, 2013 7:48 pm
Hope it went well and did not give you too many problems. Good luck with restoring the vanity. Make it look gorgeous!!!
pauline123 on Tue Jul 09, 2013 9:14 pm
Hey Dean, look at what I've found in my "new" house's basement:

Yep, among Jesus' report cards I found this WD40 can older than the pyramids hahaha! This place is really full of surprises and until now I've found old letters (written by my great grandma), some crazy china pieces (as thin as egg shells, they must worth my weight in gold) and... Lots of termite evidence. Yuck. I've loved the idea of using orange oil, I think it'll be better than using the regular poison. Especially in the closets. My only problem is that orange oil doesn't seem to be long lasting, but what the hell... We can't have everything. Very Happy

Thank you! Right now the place is looking like they dropped a bomb, but nothing that cant be fixed. We just need to organize everything and it'll look like a home. I'm pretty excited about the place, I can't be grateful enough!

Oh, did I tell you about the dungeon-like basement? Not one, BUT TWO dungeon-like basements! Can't wait to torture people I mean, store stuff in them. Twisted Evil

P.S.: It's great to be back. Very Happy
Vanilla on Fri Jul 12, 2013 12:09 am
So vanilla, you are going to torture people in one of your dungeon-like basements and store them in the other? laugh Oh, what fun! Feed them termites! laugh
standready on Fri Jul 12, 2013 4:25 am
That's the idea, @standready! The moment my mom talked about the second dungeon-like basement (which came as a surprise to me) I told her that it would be great for torturing/keeping people because the ceiling is even lower than the main basement's ceiling. So a friend of my mom arrived at the same time that I was talking about torture and I was super serious... Guess the friend now believe I'm a crazy torturer hahaha!
Vanilla on Fri Jul 12, 2013 4:38 am

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