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Just watching to see her fall

Some days are just better than others. Today I woke up to this very heavy rain (it is still raining, BTW) thinking this was going to be a very bad day. Oh, how I was wrong.

There's this girl who thinks she is the last cool soda in the middle of a desert. She thinks she is better than anyone and that's why she thinks people should adore her like a goddess. I don't care much about her because we're not even in the same area (I work with dairy cows, she works with horses), but for some reason the girl feel the need to show me how awesome she is (or how she thinks she is) in every opportunity I'm around. Maybe she's in love with me, I don't know. I have listened from others that she really likes to have my attention. I don't want her to be around me because she is the kind of person that thinks she can step on others because she is better than everyone.

Well, today I was in the same room that she was and again she was trying to get my attention by asking to other girl in the room if she saw the paper she submitted to a congress that is going to happen next week in a city nearby. The girl just answered that she didn't saw her paper, because it wasn't listed. Then she proceeded to check her e-mail and saw that the paper wasn't accepted because "it didn't bring information innovative enough".

Just keep stepping on people. One day, they will be there to see you fail. Smile

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I'm envious of that rain Vanilla. I haven't seen a drop of rain in more than a year.

I've got characters like that girl in my life too. Feel sorry for her though. Rejection is never easy to take, particularly when it comes from her lofty height. Public rejection is a double whammy. I never realized how political the publication game could be either. A friend of mine has an enemy who is serving on the Editorial Board of a Medical Journal that he wanted to publish to. And that enemy then gets people who are favourably disposed to the editor to review the paper. And of course shred it to smithereens.
deanhills on Tue Jun 05, 2012 9:21 pm
Believe, these people judging your paper can do everything to it. If they can't find any holes, they'll sure invent some and then more. I try to be on good grounds with all researchers because you'll never know when you'll need their approval to realize a project or to publish a paper. Scientists are a bunch of crazy people. And I'm one of them.
Vanilla on Thu Jun 07, 2012 7:01 pm

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