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Sorry from "totalizm"

Petone, 17 October 2013

Dear friends,

I am sorry if unintentionally I caused any problem or inconvenience with my blog named "totalizm".

I believe that the reason why you decided to delete my blog named "totalizm" probably lies in differences how we understand the definition of the term "quotation" (i.e. in the difference between my understanding of this term, and the understanding of this term by the decision makers who took and carried out the decision about the deletion). My understanding of the definition of the term "quotation" coincides with that one presented at the address:
Namely - I quote from that web page:

"The definition of a quotation is words or phrases that are taken from someone else or from literary work or the asking price of something. noun"

The emphases in this definition is on "someone else" - meaning that typically we quote other people, usually someone of authority in a given matter, not ourselves. (Ourselves we just write and publish.) But on my blog I presented the text adopted form my own web pages – meaning in my understanding of the definition of “quotation” I have NOT quoted someone else, but presented outcomes of my own research. Especially that the presentations on my blog involved laborious "adaptations" (i.e. NOT just straight commands copy and paste).

The matters that I presented in my blog were unique in the sense, that no-one else in the entire world researched and presents them from the point of view which I pursue. Because these matters are so unique, their preparation for publishing required a lot of work. Typically, just to complete research and writing for a single blog presentation, usually involved a whole month of my work. This explains why I do NOT have enough time left to write the same matter entirely differently on the blog than I present it on my web page – and why I just adopt the writing from the web page into the form of a blog presentation. But the research that I present on the blog is always new - means it represents outcomes of my most recent research just completed.

Anyway, I also understand your point of view. After all, you set certain rules, which although simplify the life, still according to your views need to be followed. So I am very sorry that come to the deletion of my blog and I apology if I caused any inconvenience by sticking to the understanding of the term "quotation" explained above.

Jan Pajak

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It is indeed a bit sad that your blog has disappeared from the Frihost forums. I hope you are able to continue your hosting account here. You can easily meet the posting requirement with simple one or two paragraph blog entries a couple of times a week, which should be easy enough even if you need to reformat it a little. I hope you will try to reword the text a little so it's unique on the Internet if you do. A bit of a teaser for your big posts on other sites would do nicely.

You have become part of the Frihost family, and we will definitely miss you if you decide to leave altogether.
SonLight on Wed Nov 20, 2013 4:55 am

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