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Jobism -- manager incentives based on jobs

Look around, there's plenty of work. What there is NOT, often, is somebody willing to pay you to do the work.
Getting paid to do work is a job. What almost every poor person needs, even more than money, is a job.

If I had a $1 T (trillion) to save the economy, here's what I'd do:
I would certainly NOT bail out any Big Banks, whose mostly unsupervised managers were paid Big Bucks to make profits (which they did) withOUT taking on more risk (in which they failed).

I actually agree that there should be a place for a non-capitalist system of wealth creation. I would define such a system, and fund it by offering start up capital for new companies following its pay incentives. (Free Market is great, capitalism is good -- it's best as creating wealth, new capital. It's maybe not as good as helping workers. Most other systems help workers too much, they are NOT sustainable. Capitalism, based on profits, IS sustainable. )

I'd call my new system "jobism", where managers of companies get paid based on how many employees they have.
I don't think the 10 * lowest wage as a salary cap is enough for 10 000 person companies, tho it might be for 100 person companies.

My incentive would be based on always more for the managers with more employees, but I don't know what ratios would produce the most job growth.

I'd start with a low base wage W of 120% of poverty income, or more, offered to all new employees.
(As this system gets more successful, that base W will slowly increase. With experience & company success, workers will slowly get more; but many good workers might well decide to leave for higher wages from capitalists. That would be OK, too.)

The Top Manager would start out with a salary that was the square root of the number of employees * W, e.g. with 4 employees, it would be 2 * W; with 9 employees 3*W, with 100 employees it would be 10* W (same as the above 10* lowest cap).

At some point the pay scales would need adjustments as the Top manager(s) need to manager other managers. All managers would have bonuses based on number of employees managed.

While the company would be run like a profit making company, every month and every quarter and every year, any "expected profit" would be used in a combination of bonus pay and new hiring. This would minimize the income profit tax, but also tend to push hiring new workers, constantly.

Some $500 bil. would be used to create internet based banks, and accounting / bookkeeping services, IT services, janitorial services, catering services -- any and all types of current companies. Based on business plans of anybody, plus a $50 000 prize for each business plan accepted & funded.

The other $500 bil. would be used to bid for currently foreclosed for sale houses, to be immediately offered for rent.

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