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The shadow-growing up.

Paul became what most people would call a foster parent to me. However, I knew who my real father was. He was a drunk, someone who had never given me a name after my mother died giving birth to me. I was sitting at the table in Paul’s kitchen. We had just returned from my dad's funeral. It was a grey and rainy day. Still I did not cry. Paul looked at me. "You look like a Shade. Shade Peterson, now doesn't that sound good," he said with a smile. "Shade Halloms...," I said stubbornly. Paul Chuckled. I wanted to punch Paul. How dare he laugh, knowing that my only family was dead!
I got up from the table to leave but Paul stopped me. "Where are you going?," He asked blocking the door with his body. I stared at his feet. "You have practice today. We need to get your powers going while they're still fresh.," He said staring down at me. I pushed on his legs trying to get him to move, being only five though it did not do much. I felt enraged and suddenly everything was black again and i was standing in the hall. I blinked confused. How'd i get out here. "Sh-Shade?," I heard Paul cry even more confused.
I don't really know why but I began to run. I ran straight towards the door. As I ran Paul caught me in his hands. Suddenly, It felt like I was back in the alley during that night. Paul suddenly looked like the man who restricted me from my father. I kicked and screamed for my father, I could here paul's awful laugh. "Do you need help? Let me help you.," I heard a kind voice say. Suddenly it went black, but into a light grey. It was like the world frozen beneath me feet. I was standing in mid air. "Who's there?!?," I shouted scared. "Don't worry. It's me, your friend.," The kind voice said again. In the grey suddenly appeared the outline of me only pure black.
"Sh-Shadow?," I asked slowly edging towards her. I touched her hand as she touched mine, mimicking me as always. "You wont see me anymore after this but I want you to know that, I'm now part of you. You are now your own shadow. This is what Paul call's your powers.," Shadow said. I nodded feeling warm inside, understanding for once what Was happening.
I stood there feeling happy, as Paul laid on the floor. He groaned. "Paul, I don't want you ever to talk about me or my powers again. I said his shadow morphing into me. I had control over his shadow. And his shadow was listening. "I thank you for taking care of me temporally. But now I have to go..," I said in a trance. His shadow nodded and returned to Paul. Paul then closed his eyes and slept. I quietly opened the door and stepped out onto the sidewalk.
I looked to the left. There was the local Grocery store. I knew that the grocery store was only 4 blocks away from the school. And the school was only 2 blocks from my house. So i Began walking towards home. "Shade...Shade Halloms." I whispered to myself. I hadn't liked Paul very much but i did like the name he helped me pick out. I was pleased when i walked by my school and there were my classmate on the playground. "Hey Freak!" some yelled out. I stopped and looked at them through the fence. I realized that I was no longer caged like the other children. "How come you don't have to be in school?," a fat boy from my class asked. "Because, I'm special.," I said with a little giggle of secrets. His face became red and he made an angry face. "Mom says that I'm the specialest boy in the whole world! And I still have to go to school!," he said angry. I had made him mad. I remembered the first day of school when he had stolen my lunch and greedily ate it. That made me mad, and now i had made him mad.
"I'm sorry if I made you mad.," I said feeling a little guilty. His face got even redder. "YOU!," He said laughing "Your face makes me mad when i look at it, FREAK!," The other kids laughed. I nodded silently, not getting the joke, and walked on home. When i got there, there were men with trash bags taking stuff from my home. I pulled on a man with a trash bag. "Yep? May I help you?," He asked looking down at me. " I used to live here...may i get a couple of my things." I asked a little sad that they were taking my stuff. "Oh! You must be the daughter. Yes, go into your room and get whatever you want...where's Paul?," He asked looking around for him. "I told him I could do it by myself and he agreed.," I said not technally lying. "Oh...that's unlike Paul...oh well, go ahead kid. ," I nodded and walked in to my house. The furniture had been wrapped up in plastic and the walls were bare.
I slowly walked into my room. Luckily it hadn't been touched yet. I grabbed my book bag and stuffed a few changes of clothes in there, all the money from my piggy bank, and my sketchbook. I started trying to remember anything else i wanted. I walked slowly into the room, witched was always locked. My dad had told me to never go in the room or ask about it. One day he had unlocked it after a few drinks and he laid on the bed crying. After he passed out, i had went in the room and locked around. I had guessed it was my mother's room. Now, the bed was covered plastic along with the Chester doors.
I slowly went over to the closet and took down a small photo album my mother had made for me before i was born. I then took a black case, witch i knew contained a small musical instrument, from the previous time i snuck in here. My dad had called a was small and perfect. I walked out side the house with my bag on my back and the case in my hand. "Excuse me.," I asked the nice man from before. He looked down at me. "yep kiddo?," He asked smiling. "What do you call this?" I asked him, opening the case. "Why, that’s one of those piccolo things isn't it? Do you play?," He asked staring at the silver instrument. I shook my head no. But I was planning on learning...

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