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Begining- How I got my powers

I was five. It was my first day of school ever. It had been a great day. I didn't make any friends, kids made fun of me, and i already had a nickname. Freak. But it had been a wonderful day compared to my life before. My teacher had told me to wait here until my father picked me up. While I waited i played with my only friend, some would call it my imaginary friend, but it was my shadow. Someone who was always there even if I couldn't see her, all i had to do was turn on a light and she would return. Once it got dark, my shadow disappeared along with the sun. So I sat on the bench, in the dark. It was probably around 10:00pm now, as my father Slowly walked by the school. "Dad!." I yelled out in joy. He stopped walking and stood blankly in my direction. "Wh...who's there?," He demanded to now. "It's me daddy!," I yelled happily while running towards him. "Oh, it's you kid." he said disappointed. I could smell the beer on him.
I held his hand while we walked home. We lived really close to the school, and dad goes by it on his way to work, so he probably was headed home when i met up with him. As we were walking home a voice called out from a dark alley. My dad and i stopped in the entrance of the alley. "Derek Hallom..." a large man said, stepping out of the alley. Derek, my dad, let go of my hand and approached the man. "Hey Joe. How it goes?" He asked slurring the words together drunkenly. "Joe?" I asked myself. Joe was a man my father barrowed money from whenever he couldn't afford to pay the morrage.
Joe reached out and grabbed my father, I watched in horror as my father disappeared into the darkness of the alley. "Daddy!?!" I screamed out. I ran in after him. And after that moment my life changed forever.
There had been other men in the alley along with Joe. One of them grabbed me and wrapped his meaty hands around my neck. "DADDY!?!," I screamed trying to call for help. Suddenly everything went black and my only friend, my shadow, empowered me and the whole world disappeared. I reawakened laying in a bed, witch was not mine. A tall, healthy looking man in a suit sat next to me. "Who are you?" I asked, my memory fuzzy from the night before. "I am Paul Peterson. I am now your legal guardian and your Teacher.," He said, his voice was hefty and friendly. "What's your name?" He asked smiling. "Kid...well that’s what my daddy calls me, but the kids at school calls me freak. You can call me whatever you like though Mr. Paul." I said smiling.
" No, what's your name?," He asked me, with a chuckle. "Oh...," I said nervously " I don't have one..." I said trailing off. " The man looked at me confused. " Well for some one of your age, with your powers I'm sure we'll be good friends." he said checking his watch. "Powers?" I asked confused. "Yes, your a mutant. We labeled you as a shadow mutant. Quite miraculous." He said getting up out of his chair. "So that’s what happened last night! I had...powers?" I asked amazed. Paul nodded. Opening the door to leave. "Oh! But what happened to my daddy?" I asked getting out of the bed. "Oh...he's dead." He said softly. And that’s when my real life began.

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Wow, nice story, The_Shadow. Very Happy Have you written that yourself? Looks like a good story to me. Very Happy Maybe you could post a sequel as well?

Anyway, nice blog post. :d

adri on Fri Jun 24, 2011 9:45 am
I did write that all by myself (with a little help from my dreams.) There is going to be more of the story though. Wink This is just the begining. Smile
The_Shadow on Fri Jun 24, 2011 5:43 pm

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