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Hunt a Killer - S01 E01 - Narration

Slide 1

You standard intro slide.
This is Season 1 - Awakening
Episode 1 ( of 8 )

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Next, we look at the envelope all the contents come in. Technically we receive a box from Hunt a Killer and there may be items included that were not sent to us by anyone in-game. These items could be used to aid our investigations into the clues provided.

The envelope is quite large as it can accommodate letter-sized items easily enough. On the front cover is a sticker placed there by the individual that has inspected our package. They initial the sticker and it also contains a package ID.

In the top corner is a printed mail stamp that tells us this package came from Maryland.

The envelope also has "... Listening Friends of America" stamped across it. This tells us that there's a company or organization out there that may have sent this package to us "in-game".

Slide 3

This slide addresses the question "where is Maryland". It highlights the region and it's in the United States.

Slide 4

Pretty much all presentations are going to follow the same flow in the beginning. You get a package and the first thing you're really going to read is this letter from "... Listening Friends of America". This is a basic welcoming letter. It implies we're volunteered for their program to accept letters from a man or woman in a printer, hospital, hospice or psychiatric ward. We're providing emotional support, even though we can never respond.

The letter highlights their processes of ensuring our safety and reviewing the box contents. They only read letters and content that have been flagged by their software.

I've also highlighted the name of the person who signed the letter and their position within the organization.

There's also the link to their organization's website. It's important to note that this organization DOES NOT exist in real life.

Slide 5

This slide looks at a few pieces of the website itself. Just a snippet of the landing page. Then we scroll to the bottom to look at the Facebook icon. They built out a Facebook page!

Slide 6

Next, we take a look at the Facebook page. If you spend some time here and go through all the pictures and a lot of the posts you'll find this gem.

George Madson!

Slide 7

The previous entry mentions George works at the LFoA Darlington facility. So where's that?

Slide 8

Now we have a look at the envelope enclosed. It's been opened already. It has the worked "Friend" typed on the front.

Slide 9

Inside is the letter from a man named John William James. JWJ for short sometimes. We just read through and I highlight some lines here and there. It gives the impression that we may be receiving letters from a man in his later years. There are some words and phrases that sound odd. Chances are I didn't capture all of them but that's fine.

Then there's his strange paragraph about the thrill of the hunt... Then he throws u some obvious hint that maybe he knows something... yes...

He comes off as a bit of a strange gossip Razz

Slide 10

Following the flow of the box contents, we're going to look at this newspaper article that was photocopied and included in the box. It has a lot of redacted sections.

The obvious next step is to see if we can figure out what we're missing.

Slide 11

Enter my "Know your Google" slide. I mean, it has nothing to do with neat facts about Google. It's more about knowing and having the constitution to Google... and Google... and Google...


This one was easy because you can so clearly search for part of the article title/subtitle. You'll find the link to the original article. You'll find the author and that he writes for the Baltimore Sun.

As you read the article you'll find some familiar words and phrases... and they link back to JWJ's letter.

Slide 12

Now, where is Baltimore? In Maryland.

Slide 13

Where was the sinkhole? Well, between the street names they gave you and if you compare the scenery of the video they uploaded, you're going to find it at the intersection of West Mulberry Street and North Greene Street.

Slide 14

Not much to say here. It's a crushed pill cup. It hints at the possible environment JWJ lives in. Hospital? Hospice? Psych ward? Doesn't seem like we are hearing from someone in a prison.

Slide 15

Now we have another item that was included in the box. The Swan card. It's on a stiff material, like a cardboard or bristol board material. There's nothing else on it, just a simple image.

Slide 16

Enter another "Know your Google" slide. This is where you could spend a very... very... long time trying to find out where that image of the Swan comes from. Reverse image search might help or just... scouring the decks for a while. You may find other spoiler content out there and someone else has figured out where the image comes from.

Slide 17

Next, we have the Star Chart or Constellation card. I highlight a few and we can see, at the beginning that there's a link between the constellation Cygnus and The Swan card. Cygnus translates to Swan. But what does this mean?

There are other constellations. You can look up the others. Ursa Minor and Major are present.

Slide 18

On the reverse of the card, you'll see that something is taped there. It appears to be a piece of nylon string. If you Google for a while you'll find out what it could have been used for.

Slide 19

This is something I've left to the very end of the process. I find the inspector notes contain spoilers or hints that maybe strong arm you in specific directions.

At any rate, if you go to the LFoA website you'll see the Inspector Notes Database. You'll refer to the initials on the large envelope and use the ID underneath to find the entry. The password is the combination of the initials and the full ID.

Slide 20

Now we can see the notes and inventory list from the inspector at LFoA. You'll find their name, the patient (note the reference to the patient, which hints are where James might be). We also see there's a patient number: 1618.

I highlight some points of interest. Hindsight being 20/20 really allowed me to provide maybe more insight than I might have started off with this presentation. Like... I honestly didn't know that was nylon string. And the hint about the music room... kind of made you look for "what instruments might use nylon string".

Slide 21

This is just the last slide. Leaves you with a few questions to ponder.

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