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Hunt a Killer - S01 E01

Ok. So this took about a day because I kept going back and tweaking it and I found some grammar errors. There could be more but I don't want to hear about it!

I used PowerPoint for this. I tried using Prezi earlier but once I started adding the scanned images of the box items it slowed right down. Probably the result of using a browser but I didn't really want to put much effort into figure out how to work with it offline. I read some materials that suggested this was possible but that's about as far as it went.

Basically, my PowerPoint goes through each item in the box. I could have included some narration but since I dislike the sound of my own voice I didn't do this. Feel free to just listen to some music when you want this.

I am trying to develop a flow in the presentation that will be repeated through each box. For the most part, you have the slides with the box contents. I'll have other slides that contain information to explain items or things that were mentioned in a letter or something. Like information about a God or constellation, etc. Other slides will find their way in there called "know your Google" and it's content that may require some time with your search engine. In this box, we're given a card with a swan print. You can try reverse image search or Googling different phrases in an attempt to figure out where the image comes from. Since there are spoilers abound out there you may find resources where someone has already figured out where the item comes from, saving you a bit of trouble.

The presentation I'm working on for the next box actually has a recap section. These might get longer and I may throw in others that list the characters we're aware of that exist in the Hunt a Killer universe. There will be slides that show what items we received in a previous box. I'll also have slides about "what we know" and these may get longer.

I'll try to provide some narration below of each slide.

The narration will have to be in another post because, SURPRISE, I max out the character limit of 8000...

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