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Premium Box - 1968

Well, since Hunt a Killer sent me 2 $20 new membership gift cards and a $40 premium gift card I decided to go for one of the premium cases.

The 2 $20 ones are for other people that want to try this mystery box delivery stuff. So far no one has shown much interest. The $40 card for me can only be used in the shop and only on the premium cases. The cheapest of which is $99 USD.

I'm going for this one in particular:

The other one that isn't sold out is far more expensive and I was watching the spoiler video for it. This box contains some good content plus an actual vinyl record. All for $227 USD. Expensive.

The 1968 case is $147 USD so knock that down to $107. Then there's tacking on the shipping to Canada (of course). Then the conversion to CAD. All in all, it's about $156.

It seems like it will have a neat story so I'm kind of excited to eventually get this one. Dig into all the details.

From what I've seen with the boxes I've already gotten and the spoilers for two other cases they are damn tricky folks. They will hide things almost anywhere. They also throw some possible red herrings at you and they maybe love ciphers a little too much. Like the bifid cipher in the recent case. Seemed a little over the top and the message ultimately didn't mean anything... Not to mention you need more to actually solve a bifid cipher. All you had was the cryptic message that was never intended for you.

At any rate. I'll be getting that box in the coming weeks. I should also be getting the last box of season 1. As a note, they're jumping me ahead to season 3 after this. There are a lot of spoilers out there so they want to get folks on even ground. Any new joins will start on season 3. They said some of the characters will be the same but the stories are separate. Maybe some context will be lost... hard to say.

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Of course, you will post pictures of what is in the box. Putting on my detective hot now! laugh
Curiosity just kills this cat.
standready on Tue Feb 06, 2018 5:28 pm
I really should. It's not even just the items you get in the box. You always end up finding websites you have to go to for more information and articles. It ends up being quite big. I think the most important pieces is figuring out who the people are in the case and the timeline of events.

I thought the one unboxing video I watched was sad at one point because the guy was like "Why wouldn't this guy tell the cops what he was really doing on that night?"

Um, maybe cause he was doing illegal drugs with some other girl that also appears to be supplying drugs to more than one member of your band? I mean, who wants to get that on their rap sheet? O.o
TheGremlyn on Fri Feb 09, 2018 1:19 am

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