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Some Pictures from Rockfest 2017

So the big draw for me was Rammstein.

I've never ever been to anything like this. Ever. Was nervous but a friend was going and I could bunk with him and share a campsite. His friends were going so we'd have more people there to hang out with. So, I dropped the money on the ticket for a base VIP ticket so I could get into the VIP section and stand a chance of being closer to the stage and hopefully not get dragged into a mosh circle. There were a couple close calls there. I was thankful I ended up beside a tall guy with some muscle that kept pushing the moshers away so I was silently saying "I'm with this guy!"

Black Miso I had at a place in Ottawa. Never had Ramen before but I loved this!

The main stage. There's another set of speaker behind so the major bands on here can be heard from further away. There are side stages, one left and one right. Plus two smaller stages further away. When the main stage is on the side stages are off and vice versus.

The afternoon we got there and set up our tent. Hardly anyone here since the bigger bands didn't start until tomorrow. People rolled in late at night and into the morning.

The next day basically after everyone showed up. It rained at night so a lot of people got wet because they had bad tents or a poor setup.

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Looks like a blast. Bunch of bands there that I haven’t really heard in years... glad you managed to stay dry Wink
Ankhanu on Sun Nov 12, 2017 5:32 am
Great photos. Haha .... couldn't help but smile at Ramen with Rammstein - looks yummy - even with a flower trimming. Must have been a great adventure - those tents look eventful. I imagine they had some ablution blocks around? What was your tent like - water proof?

I'm a great fan of Rammstein's by the way. I'd have chickened out though because of all of the people and preferred to listen to it at home. I'd imagine then I'd have missed out on the great energy that comes when a huge number of fans get together and motivate Rammstein to deliver in spades?
deanhills on Sun Nov 12, 2017 8:11 am
The crowd was actually really good with Rammstein. No one was moshing or anything. It was about an hour and a half of music so I was up until almost 2am. I took a lot of videos too. They sound terrible but it really helps get me back to that moment. Rammstein is a group where I only listened to a handful of songs... and I never dreamed I'd ever see them make a stop through Canada in my lifetime. Or maybe I just never thought I'd ever have the opportunity. Then it happened. I mean, I can't really describe how happy I am that I was able to go there and be so close and to see them in person!

Our tent was great. I think you could cram 4 people in it but we have 2 air mattresses and the gap between had out bags and snacks and stuff. The fly for the tent really helped keep us dry. The way the fly extended out at the front and back and created little crevises let us store boots and our cooler and chairs. The fly also had plastic triangle windows to peek out and then you could pull that down a bit to keep air moving through. We were perfectly dry. But man, once the sun came out... by 9am you did not want to be in a tent. I mostly stayed dry... the shoes I had were destroyed. If I ever do this again I'm bringing rain boots!
TheGremlyn on Mon Nov 13, 2017 4:17 am

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