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New Car - 2017 Kia Forte EX AT

So. Got my butt through the driver training and maybe have dragged out my 10 lessons through most of the year. Scrambled to get myself into a G2 road test. Passed! Nervous, yes. Maybe I really didn't have any doubts I'd make that next step. Well... that meant I could go on the hunt for a car.

I'm not one for used vehicles. My parents were but part of that was money constraints. 3 kids, a house, 2 cars they needed to go to and from. Dad did most of the maintenance on the cars up until the point you started dealing with computers, then it was off to the mechanics. Then we had all the pets that needed food and litter/shavings and vet bills.

I didn't want to inherit the problems of another vehicle from a previous owner. I wanted to enjoy the 3-5 years of, hopefully, minimal issues with a car that hopefully isn't a lemon. I want to get to know the car when it's running well and learn what noises and vibrations it makes when it's not well.

I worked out how much I want to pay for a car, then I just had to find what with the features I wanted that would fit within that price. Then I had to shop around for insurance and took that opportunity to finally get tenant insurance. A lot of places were charging me a lot of auto insurance except for one place. See... I've had my G1 for a long while. I did let it lapse for a couple years before getting it again. Here's the thing. I was on my parent's insurance for years! Once place properly acknowledge it and I had a few good recommendations for this place.

I shopped for a month prior to getting my G2. I really only test drove the Kia Forte. I was looking at the Toyota Corolla since a friend has an earlier year and I drove it once before. I was a bit nervous during that test drive and it's kind of why I wanted to avoid doing it. It really only showed my how touchy the controls are for a brand new vehicle.

At any rate. I bought the Kia. The sales guy was really great though he did try to push the luxury model on me but it was just going to cost too much in the end. Plus I hadn't known about the extra bits you could get when you're signing for it. I didn't really both with the paint protect stuff... I'm just vowing not to do anything stupid or park near stupid people. I did go for the 3 or 5-year deal where they repair/replace my tires if anything happens to them.

Kia carries a 5 year, 100,000 km warranty, which is much better than one Toyota has.

Also, the Kia model I got includes Android Auto and that works perfectly on my phone! Since I started using Spotify more for music... so much easier... and I can just say "OK Google" and spit out some commands for directions or something.

I got the car in August... And... To a point, I'm not sure why I was so afraid to get my license. Driving this car... the freedom I have. I feel like I wasted a lot of years plodding along with public transit. Would I have been able to afford the car back then? No... not with the debt I had from school and no real income. But I have the car now. Getting to work is so much faster and... somewhat relaxing? Aside from trying to make sure I'm alert and watching out for any hazards or potential situations. In a year or so I'll be going for my G (full license) and then that's it... I'll be full on adulting!

So... here's the car. The evening I drove it off the lot and basically took it to my second family (the ones that consider me their adopted daughter from another mother).

Yes... Regency Red... When I was building the car out online I wanted black but that's not what they had on the lot. Actually, they didn't have the model I wanted and that's when they said "we have this wonderful luxury model" before I balked at the price and frivolous features. Ok, I might almost wish for the heated steering wheel some days since the temps have been dropping recently. So they said they had the EX AT model in red on the lot. So... And when I walked in to put the down payment on I was informed there was another deal on the car because someone else also wanted it but we both had to go through the credit check. That's when the other sales guy walked in to say he backed out. Something about too many speeding tickets and his insurance was going to be really high Razz

Also, this car has the option to fold in the side mirrors. You can turn that off or set it to auto or turn it on to manually fold in the mirrors. One way I know I locked the car is if the mirrors are folded in. When you lock them the mirrors fold. When you approach either passenger or driver door the mirrors unfold because of the key fob. When I manually unlock the car with the fob the mirrors unfolder. Doesn't sound amazing with the cooler weather so I'm not sure I want to risk the mirrors being permanently folded in because they're frozen!

Now I just get to show off how little I really know about cars and looking after them... sort of. I mean, I'm going to have a lot of green questions. At least I can pump gas. And the first time I did it was with my car. Couldn't hold off any longer and needed to get that first time experience out of the way so I wasn't so freaking nervous about it. The first oil change is on the house but... I have not been putting in the kilometers but it's either 6,000km or 6 months, right?

I will say I like backing into parking spots. I have backing up down pat! Parallel parking wasn't bad during the training and I picked that up easily enough. I'm comfortable with the size of the car. Although, when you can drive and park (backing up and pulling in) your friend's big ass GMC Sierra... is a little Forta that big of a deal? Also, I only drove his truck the one time and it was the first time I'd driven a truck. I loved it, I was high up... way too expensive and unrealistic... but someday... I might have one... Very Happy

Also, here's Mynx in the back seat. She's hiding and she's not too impressed with me. I don't think she liked the noise in the underground parking and obviously she doesn't like being out of the apartment or the smell of new cars. We're not going to test this with Luna because she's far noisier than Mynx.

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Congrats with the new car! Wow - it looks great and that color is awesome - far better than black. I guess you'll be going long distances one of these days? Any destinations you're thinking off - maybe Vancouver? Very Happy
deanhills on Sun Nov 12, 2017 8:17 am
Great to see you post, TG! Congratulations on the car. You would not have liked the black because the color shows every speck dirt!
As for oil change and other questions, read your Owner's Manual for manufacturer recommendations. Also take some time to read through the manual. This will help get familiar with features/options.
Enjoy the drive!!
standready on Sun Nov 12, 2017 5:08 pm
The longest I'd been in a vehicle was my friend's GMC truck for about 2 and a half hours on our way to Ottawa for Rockfest. I was a G1 driver at the time so I couldn't do high ways but most of the drive your max speed was 80kms (I kept it was 85 but I tend to have a lead foot but I'm very careful about that because getting dinged for that at G1 or 2 would be VERY bad). I was a very fuel efficient driver... great for my friend for when he destroyed all that be speeding all the way home >.>

It's funny... now that I have a car... It's like I can't think of anywhere I want to go or anything I want to do. When I didn't have it I'd encounter these moments where I would think of how easy it would have been if I only had a vehicle. I mean, makes grocery shopping easier. Getting supplies and stuff for the animals. Going to work is great. At some point I'll have to make the long drive to our other campus but that's less than an hours driver compared to the... 2 and half hour bus/train/bus ride one way.

I've got the physical manual in the car but I had the digital copy earlier when I was getting ready to buy it (ctrl + F for the win!) Only thing that sucks is the book also covers features that my specific model doesn't have so that gets a little confusing because it's the little things that aren't obviously indicated in the features list.
TheGremlyn on Mon Nov 13, 2017 4:26 am
Yes, manuals can be confusing since one manual covers everything available in the model but you might find features that you did not know you have!
Good to see Mynx is doing well. How about the rest of your furry friends?
standready on Mon Nov 13, 2017 4:01 pm
Mynx is a ham. She sticks with me while I watch TV shows and knit. I've decided I really need to finish my blanket as a Christmas present for some friends that married back in June.

Luna is adorable. She follows me some places and she always wants to sit on me when I'm trying to go to bed and sometimes when I start to wake up. She had a tiny and cute meow that is surprisingly loud.

I upped the litterbox game to a single Litter Dome. Got sick of Mynx peeing outside the box while she's in it. Less of a chance of sticky pee going everywhere. Used to run with two boxes but I was getting lazy... Having to clean one out more frequently is a bit more manageable.

Mama also got an upgrade to her cage game. A whole 8 square feet! It would allow me to get a cage mate... just a pain trying to find a female... I mean, I could wait and when she passes I could just get a pair. That way they know each other from the get-go and I don't have to worry about fights. She had more room to run around. She figured out the ramp. She has a chew tunnel now. I've put in a separate bowl for veggies. I can keep her food stuffs away from her lounge area.

TheGremlyn on Tue Nov 14, 2017 4:15 am
I also bought a Roomba. I kind of wanted one... maybe. More so because again, I got lazy. I read about them, watched some reviews for the one I could get a Costco.

Naturally the cats were thrilled. Mynx stalked it the whole time. Luna mostly ran away. Turns out I can't let it clean the whole apartment because the battery will die so I have taken to cleaning the kitchen and living room and that bit of hallway and entrance. Then on the next rotation we do the bedrooms and bathroom and the rest of the hallway.

I've decided more frequent cleanings is in order to cut back on the free floating cat hair. I would try to vacuum once a week but... just wasn't doing it. Most of it I think is Mynx hair. Luna tends to leave her hair in specific spots where she lies but it kind of sticks to the carpet. She's a short hair but her hair is so think and it actually mats. Kind of sucks so she needs to be brushed a lot.

Now that I've had the Roomba for a bit the cats don't care as much.

TheGremlyn on Tue Nov 14, 2017 4:29 am
Your furry friends are just so cute. I am waiting for the picture of Mynx riding around on the Roomba.
Also, why no selfie behind the wheel of the new car?
standready on Tue Nov 14, 2017 5:47 pm
Agreed. They really are still adorable. Can't help at marvelling at your long list of talents - including knitting now. And a blanket no less. Makes it special that it is teamwork with Mynx - wonder whether she's going to insist it's hers? Smile
deanhills on Tue Nov 14, 2017 10:10 pm
I've been knitting for a couple years I think. I sucked at it. Trust me. No good. I could crochet a scarf before anything else. I always knit things way too tight. I don't know why. I don't know what changed but I decided to give it another shot and the first thing I try to make is a big corner to corner throw.

My first attempt used either this colour or the one that is slightly darker. Honestly, it was terrible. I must have dropped or added stitches all over the place because one end is much wider than the other. It's also like... massive. The initial pattern seemed to result in a modest throw. I wanted something bigger you could really wrap yourself in.

I modified things a bit and followed the general pattern and I tried to keep track of the stitches but we're talking probably 200+ easy. I ended up loosely measuring the sides before making a corner on one side so I didn't have a square blanket (it's part of the general pattern). I used the blow colour that I liked. It turned out quite well and sits on top of a queen size bed. No overhand though.

I bought the next 3 rounds of colours during boxing day sales (like the previous two). I need so many balls to make these blankets it's insane! Buying these are regular price would kill me. I'm probably looking at about 16 to 20 balls per blanket that measures roughly 5 ft by 6 ft. I knit this one next. Very bright and matches my duvet cover perfectly. I used it for a while on my bed. Now it's on my couch. From what I can tell I think I started this one on December 28th 2015 and finished it on January 20th 2016. Good solid month of knitting. I could have had about a week dedicated to knitting most of the day. I will sit and I will watch Netflix and I will knit and take bathroom breaks.

I loved this blue. I was half thinking of giving it to a coworker as I asked them what colour he liked. Well, I kept the blanket in the end as I figured he'd be weird about the whole thing. He already was when I asked for a colour. This one went quickly enough. I think I left if folded for a while in a bag. I eventually brought it in this summer to work because the temp space we're in for the year had a stupid HVAC unit that would freeze us out. I think I was actually getting sick because of that. Ended up wrapped in a blanket for a good week. Made the HVAC guy feel super bad when he was replacing the compressor and redoing the refrigerant. He had to run it on cold for several hours to get the level right.

This is the last one I'm obviously working on. I went on a very long break after I started this one. Only picked it up recently and have been knitting for... almost 2 weeks?

Mynx and Luna have added their hair to these blankets. Can't avoid it.

I'm literally knitting a blanket onto myself. I get so warm under these things. Need to crack a window. I mean, when it's not just bunched up it's still pretty breathable to you can be comfortably toasty with one of these.

I also tried my hand at these little scarves. I can't wrap my head around how to use more than one ball of the stuff. I can't remember who to knit this stuff because it's like a net or something but they're so quick to make. Probably like 30 minutes maybe?

TheGremlyn on Thu Nov 16, 2017 4:11 am
Those scarves are awesome. I'm sure you could start a business with selling them. They look very attractive! Cool

Blankets look as though they've already been annexed by Mynx and Luna. You'll have to negotiate with them to give them away to the intended owners. Razz
deanhills on Thu Nov 16, 2017 11:50 am
Nice blankets and scarves. Makes me feel warm just looking at them. So when does Mama get one to nest in?
standready on Thu Nov 16, 2017 4:26 pm
There's an idea. I usually have some yarn left after each blanket. Sometimes a whole ball or more, sometimes just part. I could probably knit out some time ones for her. Hopefully she doesn't eat them :S
TheGremlyn on Thu Nov 16, 2017 8:34 pm
Country Loom, the specific yarn I've been using, has a lot of colours.

What I'd like to try is grab maybe 3 different colours to alternate between. You'd have your primary colour and a secondary. A third colour you'd use as sort of a punchy accent. As an example, you'd knit something like 15 rows with the primary colour, 10 of the secondary and pop in something like 3 of the third colour. Either go right to the primary after that or go to the secondary and then primary... something like that.

It's kind of like the old Doctor Who scarf... of course that uses far more colours but it's got that randomness to it. The colours are thrown together but it looks great!
TheGremlyn on Fri Nov 17, 2017 3:19 am

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