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Final Count - Leave

So... I really don't know much about the EU. So looking it up at least and just glossing over the Wikipedia article it seems like there are many layers to it. It seems like a very comprehensive system...

Now I wonder, and I'm kind of looking for thoughts on this one... but what are the pros and cons to leaving? Just just for the UK but for those that remain in the EU...

I feel like many people are ignorant of what the EU is and that they may have enjoyed many of the benefits of being a part of something so great (not sure what work I'm looking for). I generally like the idea that a band of countries can band together and work together and strengthen each other.

It will still take time to completely separate from the EU... the impact may still be a gradual one.

Is there are chance they may be able to change their mind? Will they? Can they?

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Just taking another look at an article that highlights that all of Scotland voted to remain, and yet they were still outnumbered. That's kind of disturbing. To have such unity in that one moment count for nothing. It's like shouting in a room where no one can hear you. Perhaps I am not too surprised they want to untangle themselves from England so that they might remain with the EU.

Interesting... I wonder if my unease of this outcome stems from my Scottish roots Razz

I fell bad for those that are stranded because they cannot withdraw any funds while travelling because the exchange rate is all over the place. Just another point that makes me feel people did not fully realize the impact of what they were voting for.
TheGremlyn on Sat Jun 25, 2016 5:27 am
As far as I can see the people who benefit are your fat cat mega corporations. The wealthy in the UK would benefit by being able to get even wealthier by being part of the EU where the mega corporations rule. I.e. they're running the EU in effect. So the poor and middle classes would have got poorer in the UK at the expensive of the mega rich in both the UK and Europe. It's what's been happening in the US as well.

Looks what's been happening with the refugees and who are paying for settling them in to Europe? The little guy in the street who gets taxed to the hilt. Then you get the Cyprus crisis where people who had all of their life's savings in their local banks, and got "baled in" by a EU decision, i.e. lost ALL of their investments. And guess what, the EU guys in the know ahead of time, got out of the banks in Cyprus in time. Double jeopardy for the islanders of Cyprus who though they were in a win win ticket with their association with the EU.

Then think about the agriculture in Spain and Portugal that got rid off by EU decisions. Farmers being paid out and lots of people losing their life's work and whole economies going bust in favour of your mega corporations who are getting even richer.

It's the same as in the IT business. Microsoft, Google, Adobe, etc etc calling the shots to idiots like you and me who are following them slavishly. They offer all kinds of carrots, like EU must be offering, but in essence are exploiting every one for the benefit of the mega corporations.

I'm proud that the UK was able to say "no" to a EU takeover, which it would have turned out to be in the end. However, obviously it's going to have serious ramifications for their economy. I'm sure there are still people who are hoping they can change their minds. The mega corporations can be very persuasive and most of the banks in the world, including the UK Banks own the UK Government and politicians.
deanhills on Sat Jun 25, 2016 1:58 pm
I feel like there's no real way to get rid of the corporations getting rich of the people. It was the EU before but maybe you'll still find it in the UK. People had the EU to focus their anger on but now they won't and they'll turn to something else... Well, in general, they would turn their energies on the next big thing. People can't be idle. They need a cause. They need to feel like they matter and they're part of something that brings about change.

Observations as I watch people.

The economy is the worrying part. Hopefully it recovers in good order but I wonder how strong can it really become?

Side note. I don't like Microsoft. I like them more than Adobe since their support is the worst I've encountered!! As for Google I would probably follow them off a cliff... Since we work with both Google and Microsoft we've had the fewest issues with Google and their services have probably been the most reliable. You don't hear about issues with Google Mail... it's MS Exchange we gripe about, or their stupid products acting up. >.< Tangent.
TheGremlyn on Sat Jun 25, 2016 2:51 pm

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