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Desire to Write Wanes...

After writing all those words. Those thousands of thousands of words... I feel the desire to write more is almost non-existent. The idea is still there in my mind, the story still plays out. I can still see the characters' faces and hear their voices speakings the words I wish I could put down on paper!

The writing workshops I was going to have not been promising. Given that college is made out to be about practical work - you DO. University has always been about theory - you READ. I was expecting a workshop hosted by a University to be more informative. Instead, we hear a couple points on the topic and drive right into writing.

On the first session, I went to we had to write a monolog for our protagonist. I floundered as I wasn't expecting to write something that short notice as I'm a little slow and thoughtful. I managed but I didn't share that session. The next session was about the antagonist so I made one up and it was actually my brother. Apparently the way I wrote the monolog conveyed how he actually is and how he appears to those closest to him. That was at least promising when I shared that one so that moment did encourage me... I can write. I can get my thoughts out and it makes sense sometimes.

Again... we spent most of that session writing and sharing out monologs. We didn't really... learn anything?

I skipped out on the next session as I was not feeling well and I have been less than motivated to attend for fear we'd spend more time writing and less time learning anything.

I signed up for these workshops hoping to open my eyes to a world I feel I know nothing about. Maybe if I spent more money and enrolled in a proper course I might learn... Wink

Who am I kidding? I will probably just turn to Google as I always have and continue to research and read and take in all the information I can that way. Usually, one article leads to another and so on. I just need that desire to write to come back.

I did talk to a coworker about the workshops as he's dabbled in writing himself and he's got little short stories here and there. He likes fantasy and sci-fi content. He's turned a little towards mystery and noire type content recently to break away from his comfort zone. He mentioned he likes the idea of writing a prequel to set up the characters and hint at a greater story to come.

I like that idea. I like the possibilities it has. It makes me think that... while I want my story to start in a certain place, maybe I can set up the characters and other past events.

I believe I had mentioned that the individual I few as an antagonist is formed from the lore of vampires. I'm adding my own touches and making them more monstrous and fudging a few things here and there. Everyone knows the basics of vampires but I am making some changes. What I wanted to do was go back to his beginning, before he was turned.

Another character I wanted to touch on is our main character's mother as I planned to have her turned as well but while she was pregnant. Yes... sounds like Blade Wink But again, there are a few changes. Things are different and I'm not really making her a hybrid but there's something odd about her and her faint affinity to death. What I generally wanted to do here and explore the family that existed before it was torn apart by her disappearance and eventual 'murder'.

I also want to touch on the main character's former partner to and how they worked together and the last case they did work. It ends up being a major drug bust. Of course in this house they storm there is a child who I think I pondered his death during the commotion and gunshots and ricocheted bullets. The main character tries to save him and protect him but is too late. The partner is nearly killed and the main character is also injured. It's a major failure and it's not clean at all so the characters are reprimanded. I play it out that the partner ends up taking early retirement or just resigns as this was just a little too close and she has kids of her own.

I also ponder a little story about the main character's new partner in the main story but this will be before that happens. He's working with an older detective who suffers a heart attack and ends up in a hospital for some time trying to recovery. It feels a little more normal and less brutal as I plan for something worse to happen. He has a girlfriend and they've been together for years. Originally I pegged her for suicide since it can be unexpected and people can put on enough masks that you might think they're ok and not realize how badly they are hurting. He won't really understand the reason until he cleans up some of her personal things and comes across letters she has written, like a diary. Here we can explore her struggles and how this guy handles that loss and how oblivious he was to this other world she seemed to be living in.

It all just sounds like so much death and tragedy. I must have issues! Hopefully most of the death is out of the way except those our main character works on in homicide. The deaths there should be less personal and just a fact of life and the fact that crime exists.

I feel like these ideas for writing little mini-stories just provide the content that might be there in the main story itself. But maybe... if this is a really long and involved story... the others might be significantly smaller and the pace will be faster and it is far more focused. The difference between a half-hour TV show and a long 1 1/2 show (I'm thinking Midsomer Murders here).

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I am sure that creating those mini-stories will help you build your main story. You sound like a typical writer = 'too many ideas to handle with the limited amount of time available. "Outlines"!
standready on Thu Apr 28, 2016 9:09 pm
You're a prolific writer TH. You definitely have a gift. I'd imagine you'd have to go to a more advanced Workshop to really gain any real benefit - you'd probably be better at teaching other people to write than the other way round. I genuinely enjoyed reading this blog post. It flowed very spontaneously, and the words just fell into the right places. Maybe that's key. To write from the core, rather than from structure and overthinking the subject. Maybe workshops can even be damaging, as they can potentially create writers' cramps. Very Happy
deanhills on Fri Apr 29, 2016 6:11 am
I supposed I am overthinking things a little. I might just plan myself out of a story! I'm back on a normal schedule now for the summer but I still haven't felt like I have a good span of time to sit down and get some words out. I just think about it and feel exhausted. It might help if I found some good music to listen to. Often when I've felt a story come pouring out I was listening to a song that inspired the whole piece! The song would basically be on repeat while I wrote.

A long time ago it was this song:

I was still kind of young when I was listening to this and I think I pumped out something like 50 pages double sided (hand written, mind you). So this would have happened in high school based on when the song came out.

I think that story.. had something to do with a man that used the essence trapped in a person to extend his own life. He had developed some extraction process to achieve this. At first, he could have used anyone for this but over time, he needed someone with a stronger essence. He eventually targeted a girl and had her kidnapped and family killed. Their first attempt to extract her essence failed because she was resisting too hard and it nearly killed her. They kept her locked up in a small room, maybe 3 by 5 feet. Another man, a bit younger, started to feel sorry for her and eventually helped her escape.

I'm trying to remember but I believe the bad guy and the younger man were related somehow. I think the bad guy tried to pretend they were brothers but he was actually the father. He was also trying to get the younger man to start using the essences as well but he was resisting and making up excuses. The whole time he was just growing more and more uncomfortable with how brutal the entire process was. Once an essence was extracted the person was nothing but a shell.

So yea. I don't recall how far I got with that one but it was interesting.
TheGremlyn on Fri Apr 29, 2016 1:16 pm

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