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The Villain

Went to another workshop tonight. These really aren't what I was expecting, to be honest. Tonight we just launched into writing the monologue for our villain. The 'prof' leading the session read off some obvious points that your villain would think they're the hero. You want to make sure they're not shallow or one dimensional. Then the questions came up about what shaped them? Events in their past, their hopes and aspirations. Anxieties and the like.

I didn't really have my villain planned out to this point yet so I just... wrote about what I knew. What was real. So I came up with this.

Be warned. There is the occasional curse. Sorry.

This is a man. He's about 30 years old. He's looking back at his childhood, teens years, early adult years. He doesn't seem himself as a bad person but someone who was dealt a terrible hand in life. To others, he might be more of a jerk. Someone who complains. To others, he may be soft spoken, friendly, funny.

I don't really know who the protagonist would be if he is the antagonist... I'd like to write one but I fear I may have to start another set of characters if we're going to get into dialogue in the next few sessions. I need them to mesh a bit better...


Do you ever ask yourself “how did I end up here?”

I probably ask myself that very same question every day. After 10 years I still don’t have an answer, not really.

When I was a kid, all those years ago, I spent a lot of my time fighting with my mom and dad. It could have been over their smoking, my dad’s drinking, or maybe that huge stereo my aunt and uncle managed to buy for my cousin at Christmas time. Maybe it was all those times my kid sister always seemed to get whatever she wanted.

I get it, you’re the baby. Everyone dotes on the baby. But what about me? I’m still here!

I guess it’s too easy to blame my upbringing…

There was also that time, when I'm in grade 11, I was with my friend. He was driving too fast on a dirt road, took a turn too quick and suddenly the car was spinning out of control. The car went right through a telephone pole, driver’s side first, before we ended up in a ditch full of water. My friend nearly died and all I had to show for it was s bruised hip.

I barely remember that day, except when it’s late at night and I’m trying to sleep. Was that supposed to be some kind of warning? A wake-up call?

Sure, I could blame my friend for that one. If not, there’s always God or Karma…

It just seems like my life was destined to be an uphill battle. Thanks to my dad I had to work most days of the week to pay for my driver’s license and training. Then I had to dip into the money our great grandfather put away for us so I could afford to go to college.

College. What a joke. I worked my ass off and managed to graduate at the top of my class for Police Foundations. No one even asked if there was a graduation ceremony. I spent months trying to get a job but no one wanted to hire me. I wasn’t tall enough. I wasn’t as ripped as the other guys.

You know what I do to pass the time now? How I pay my bills and get through each day? Hand-me-down construction jobs. I hate it but I’ve got a kid now. Someone has to look after him and it sure as hell isn’t his mom. She’s too busy with some other guy, poppin’ out more babies than she can afford to care for.

This kid is the only thing that keeps me going. Without him who knows what might happen to me. Maybe this is my chance to make things right and protect him from all the shit I’ve been through. If he’s lucky, he won’t be anything like me.

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