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Jessica Jones

So I finished power watching this show after I finished Daredevil. I'm overall... Disappointed.

One item that stuck in my mind is that alcohol didn't seem to impact her in any way. I read up on the comic side and the Netflix side of this show. I get that this show is after she's been taken over and controlled by Killgrave. I know she's supposed to be suffering from PTSD. I know she's got issues after her experience. But her drinking all those bottles of alcohol, with no clear income... She just doesn't seem to be getting anything from the booze like an actual alcoholic would. Same with the side effects. If you're using it to cope with something... Then when you go without for a period of time there are issues... I didn't feel the show played this card very well.

If you're drinking as much as she seems to... You should see her drunk, staggering. I'd have even liked to see her almost get someone killed because of her drinking. If she goes a while without a drink I'd want to see the toll that takes on her body from withdrawal. I'd want people to notice she's agitated. She only has a moment like that when she's searching for a drink and can't find one and then sorta seems pissed all her bottles are empty. It's just... Disappointing.

Also, I feel the... Season or two of this show... It's just her going after one big bad guy and she really doesn't anticipate what he might do at all. She just has her plan and that's all that's going to happen. And it's just following how many times she messes up. Then, at the very end, she gets it right.

I get that she's not really a hero. That's not what this show was trying to do. She was a hero until bad stuff happened. It's meant to be dark. They tried to make it dark at least.

I just wasn't that amazed by it. I felt they should have done way more with the story. But we were so caught up it really random action. There was no thought. No exploration into the past. The closest we came to that is when Killgrave found Jessica's childhood home and he found where they'd marked her height. That moment where no one says anything, it just speaks for itself. I wanted more of that. And the show went into more about her family. They tried. But I just... Wasn't completely satisfied with this one...


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I want to write out a good response here, but am at work. If I don't have something posted in the next day or so, poke me to remind me Wink
Ankhanu on Mon Apr 04, 2016 4:10 pm
I could probably say more but I did just get home from having drinks with friends (had my first tequila shot!). I would have to re-read articles online about the comic and the show and make notes. Then I'd have to watch the episodes again to try and get those thoughts back.

So I await your response, good sir!
TheGremlyn on Mon Apr 04, 2016 7:00 pm
May be it is Jessica's power to be able to consume and quickly digest those large amounts of alcohol. May be it is a side effect of super strength Laughing .

Anyways, I thought it was just an okay show. I didn't love it but it was a good time pass for me. I haven't watched dare devil but I plan to watch it once I have enough free time on my schedule. I think those shows might cross over in the future and I sooo love crossovers (flash arrow or flash super girl crossovers were awesome).
playfungames on Thu Apr 07, 2016 1:26 am
I watched Dare Devil season 1, 2, and Jessica Jones season 1.
There are more TV series coming, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, and finally maybe The Defenders.

In Dare Devil season 2, there are some people and events implied the crossover will happen.

I can't remember details of Jessica Jones S1, but I can recall the tempo was very slow.
The actions they take to handle purple man were too stupid.

Jessica Jones S1 Spoiler alert !

Simpson had so many chances to kill Killgrave with a sniper rifle from a distance
without affected by Killgrave or the bodyguards.
Not to mention that he risked so much to bomb the house, or used the enhancing drugs.

Some people said Simpson was trying to forge a accident explosion,
but the fire department arson and bomb investigation can still find the truth,
and making a explosion might leave more trails than a long distance sniper shot.
rx9876 on Thu Apr 07, 2016 5:16 am

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