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One Heck of a Storm

So I wasn't sleeping that well last night. Most of the day, when I was awake, I had a headache along the right side of my head and when it was bad my right eyeball would start to hurt. It's one of those moments where you think you'd be better off scooping your eye out.

Well, I was sleeping along. I didn't remember when I last woke up and fell asleep or what I was thinking about or dreaming about. Next thing I know I'm wide awake and there's this horrible noise from everywhere and I literally thought something was blowing up.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I was trying to remember where I'd left my jeans (no I'm not a neat person and I toss my clothes on the floor and the pile grows). I wondered how quickly I could get out of my building. I wondered if I should feel the very walls around me vibrating.

I thought this stuff, somewhere in the back of my mind, as I threw myself out of bed and stumbled the 2 steps to my window. I pushed my curtain aside and looked out my building at the two other apartment buildings I could see easily, and any other buildings near and far within view.

No smoke. Nothing looked like it was damaged. No buildings crumbling. No sirens or screams. Nothing.

The night was quiet.

I didn't have my glasses on so things were a touch on the fuzzy side as I squinted for detail.

I started making a facebook post as I walked out of my bedroom and looked out the balcony door. I noticed it was raining. A thought came to me. Was that thunder? I'd never heard a crash of thunder so violent before in my life! There's no way! It was so loud and close and lasted for several seconds!

I eventually saw the rain pick up and nothing else happened outside. I was as wide eyes as a horse after being startled something fierce. Too much white showing. It was maybe 4:40am. I wasn't supposed to wake up until 5:45am. I missed out on an hour of sleep!

I was actually shaking badly. I was scared. My heart wanted to jump out of my chest. Thunderstorms as a kid always seemed bad... but this? I suddenly regretted living by myself.

My cats didn't seem so afraid. Mynx was still on the bed despite the noise and the fact I'd jumped out of bed. Luna seemed alright. While I was in the living room I did a headcount and cats were both under the futon couch. The pigs were alive and well (no sudden deaths from heart attacks).

So... Year. I hope to heck that doesn't happen again.

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Strange what the effect of thunder storms can have on different people. To me it's exciting. I remember in my South African days when I was in an apartment building high up with limitless views, I'd open all of the curtains and watch the zig zags and crashing of thunder. Sort of a real drama played out by nature. One of my favourite shows!

Best yet was one in the desert - called the Karoo in South Africa. I was traveling and staying at a Motel, and also heard this serious crashing of thunder, like huge. Then went outside under a covered porch in the pub, and while having a whiskey was watching all of this going down. Thunder storms last for very short with huge rain for maybe 10 minutes and then completely stops after that. And then all of the birds being quite excited at the end of it. Razz
deanhills on Tue Mar 29, 2016 5:57 am
I'm not normally afraid of storms. I quite like watching a storm myself. If I'm not at work and it's not too cold out then I'd probably try and sit on my balcony and watch it all. I was hoping for a better view in the area but it always seems like the storms are just out of sight. Like on the other side of the buildings...
TheGremlyn on Tue Mar 29, 2016 12:42 pm
I love watching thunder storms. Thunder can really shake the house especially if the lightning strike was close by.
standready on Tue Mar 29, 2016 4:40 pm
Yeah a lightning strike scared the hell out of me last year, it hit inside the village and sounded like an explosion
Josso on Tue Mar 29, 2016 7:17 pm

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