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Writing A Story - Or trying...

So it was probably the Sunday before Family Day when I sat down at my computer and started hammering out the first couple chapters of this idea I had.

I'll explain this one bit first. I've been watching True Blood and I've also been reading through the first... 4 books now from the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series. So my brought is filled with the supernatural.

Now. Yes. I am essentially writing a story about vampires. I'm embarrassed but I'm trying to think my way through this one to bring about some realism and I'm aiming to make it a bit darker. From what I've read and seen on TV and in movies about vampires and stuff I kind of go "don't like that, that's weird, huh, why didn't they do this instead..." etc, etc.

The main character is a young detective. It's a she. If you've played video games like I have and you have to choose whether to be a guy or girl I almost always end up bring a girl. There are a few exceptions, like Mass Effect because I probably like the male portrayal there. But things like Skyrim, where it's very open world, I'm more likely to be a woman. Or Diablo III.

She's a young detective because of certain motivations in the personal life of her mother and there are two opinions on this one. The main character thinks it was a move meant to impress the mother and win her over. The mother wants to believe it was their way of saying "I want you to like me and I also want to help you realize your dreams."

I'm already on chapter 10 and parked at 35,500 words (I took this past week off for vacation). Also, I'm this far in and the characters aren't saying "Ermahgerd! Vampires!" But the reader might be Razz

At any rate. I'm still puzzling out the vampire physiology. What works and what doesn't. I know their lungs have to work in the sense they need to take air in and store it and this allows them to make sounds. Air needs to pass over the vocal chords otherwise they're mute. Breathing might otherwise be optional in order to be the completely silent hunter that they are. Adds to the danger.

I'm also eliminating their memories from before they were turned so I don't have to deal with the past memory nonsense. They are the newly dead. I sort of want their heart to work, though. When you think about when you've cut yourself and you bleeds that's because there's pressure in those veins and arteries. So if the heart doesn't beat then blood doesn't really flow out of you. It might ooze... it might drip... but otherwise it's just a scratch, a hole. If the heart beats then blood will circulate. Then they are cut then their blood will ooze out and they might be weakened by that.

Then I also wonder about the whole drinking blood part. You're taking that into your stomach. So that has to work on some level, so should your intestines because of how they absorb nutrients and fluids. So maybe those should work too which might mean that maybe they could ingest other things but not gain from it unless there is blood. Maybe real food makes them sick because their body doesn't process it and it would just rot in them and make them sick. I think I've read that somewhere. I just see a vampire drinking wine but it's not just wine, there might be some blood in there to sweeten things.

Also, I'm keeping with the idea that to turn a human you have to drain them completely and give them some of your own blood. But they are dead for 7 days. After a week, they seem to wake up. Now to fill in a couple blanks. You're dead. Blood doesn't flow, you don't have any. So your brain dies from lack of oxygen. This wipes out your memories so you come back new. You lose other things as well. And you limbs are... mildly atrophied. When you wake you are uncoordinated and confused. Primal instincts start to take over. You are well on your way to being a vampire so you do learn some things quickly. It also seems consistent that new vampires are incredibly strong to start before that mellows out. So this person wakes up and they are like a wild, vicious animal. They're also hungry. All they want is blood.

Blood will sustain them. Preferably human. Animal blood can be used for the short term but you will be weak if you keep it up. Also, given what happens to blood over time the fresher the better. I'll research that a bit more to understand what happens to blood over time to fill that in so it makes sense.

I also want to play with the 'glamour' business. But I'm more likely to refer to is as beguiling, since that implies deception. Whenever I read or see that happen they usually say something that the victim repeats. I want it to be more about looking into their eyes and being unable to look away. I'm not sure exactly what you'd see. Somehow that look will cloud your mind so maybe it's just that you're unable to think properly. If you were to ask them a question they might make you forget that question entirely. I'll see how that plays out...

I'm really just taking elements from what I've read and seen and picking out the parts I don't like. Modifying those that I partially agree with to improve upon them (in my opinion).

Possibly more to come.

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I'm completely envious of your talents TG and think you're on a really great track with writing a book. You obviously have a gift for writing.

I think for vampires you can call the shots with how they work, as you're a creative story teller. They can be anything from funny, to scientific verifiable, or abstract or real as you want them to be.
deanhills on Sat Feb 27, 2016 7:06 am
I think it would be interesting if I could finish this one. I mean, I'm the kind of person that never wants a good story to end. That sort of lends itself to carry this on with another, and another... for as long as it makes sense.

I have some ideas of where I'd like them to go at points and how I'd like to uncover parts of other characters. I don't want to throw too much into this story I'm writing right now, it'll just be too much. I mean, I'd love to get to a point where you could meet or be introduced to the idea of the original vampire, their creator. I'd expect if that exists then they're powerful and old and who knows what living that long really does to you? So it presents some interesting possibilities but I'm not going to have my character sit down and here the history of vampires from the first one she meets.

I hope I keep this up. It would be nice to really find something I could do. Maybe I might stop wondering how other authors do it because I'll be figuring that out myself.
TheGremlyn on Sat Feb 27, 2016 3:24 pm
I would be willing to be a proof reader for you although I am not a current vampire fan going back to early Dracula and an interesting TV soap - Dark Shadows - that you might want to check out.
standready on Sat Feb 27, 2016 5:45 pm
I don't really like vampires. Part of that might be all the movies and shows that have come up. I plan to make them into monsters. The fact that some people are going to find out they're real... I want them to be scary and dangerous. I don't want them to come off as uncontrollable killers, though. The kind that makes you think "why is humanity still here?" They can police their own ranks effectively. Deviations from their doctrine result in death. The alternative is imprisonment where you are likely to nearly starve to death and go mad.

In keeping with the monster piece I want the vampire bites to almost kill you. Make it one of those things that few can survive without intensive medical treatment. I've actually got someone in the hospital right now that is going through that but it's unclear what is wrong exactly. They're still not thinking "huh, this looks like vampires" they're more like "this crazy person that was dead for a week just bit this person. They've lost a lot of blood and now they have a really bad fever."

Imagine trying to explain that one... This person was attacked and killed by a dead person... riiight.
TheGremlyn on Sat Feb 27, 2016 10:42 pm

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