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Anita Blake - Vampire Hunter Series

For reference -

I read book 11 of this series years ago. It was one of those that my mom or sister brought home from people they knew at work. I read it, not really realizing it was part of a larger series. As I read through the book they kept referring to things that happened elsewhere and in another time much earlier.

I'd read the book again and decided to do a little digging some months back. I've been using the kobo app a lot more of my devices, and since updating my desktop to Windows 10 I have the app on here as well. I bought a few of the earlier books on the app and started reading.

I never really liked the vampire in the book series. He's a mean S-O-B and he's so pushy! He's so annoying! Anita doesn't want anything to do with him, keeps telling him that. Mr. hot shot vampire, that can tell if you're lying, won't take her words for truth! Of course the only thing he's clinging to is the fact that his charms make him sexy so, while she doesn't love him she lusts after him.

Of course where there are vampires there are werewolves. So enter sexy werewolf. I like him more. He's not cruel. The complete opposite to this jerk vampire. He'll let Anita work things out but he loves her... she loves him. She, for the most part, can see a life with him.

Anita doesn't think the vampire guy is human enough. She often refers to him as a corpse.

Anita has also comes to tell us that she won't have sex until after marriage. Due to how her last relationship tragically ended. Something about the guys family not like the fact that her mother was Mexican. He broke off the engagement and that just crushed her that he didn't love her enough to not let that whole family mess stand in their way. She loved him, and her body missed him. So she is determined not to have sex with the werewolf boy. Naturally he pops the question and she says yes... then moments later she wonders what she just did.

Anita classically blows the whole thing out of proportions. Suddenly his not wanting her to get herself killed makes her want to push him away because clearly if he can't handle how she is then maybe she's not the girl for him (and yet if he does that she gets all pissy about it). So she goes from saying "yes I'll marry you" to "well maybe i'll marry you... let me work this out for a bit."


By the way, during this point there's some psycho female vampire that is totally lusting after the master vamp that has a thing for Anita. So she nearly kills her and threatens her and makes her come before the master vamp to say that she loves another so there is clearly no future for them. Ha... ha ha... you might know how this one ends!...

She says she was asked to marry another. That she said yes. That she loves him.

The vampire guy asks some other questions and pulls out the fact that she changed her mind to 'maybe'. Therefore! The vampire said "i can kill your boyfriend or you can give me a chance to woo you."

Right? I'm sorry. I'd left wolf man take his chances and you can protect him Ms hot shot vampire hunter executioner lady!

No... no that never crossed her mind. Siigh.

So it's agreed that, while she's figuring out if she wants to marry the wolf, she also has to date vampire. If she decides she wants to marry the wolf then that's that. The vampire will leave her be. Also there's this thing where whatever she does with the wolf she had to do with the vamp. So. You make out with a wolf on your date... then you also have to make out with the vampire...

One thing I can see playing out in this mess. Say Anita decides she doesn't want to be with either? Well... if you're not going to be with the wolf man then the vampire still has a shot! You're not going to be allowed to stay single. That's not how this works. Biggest loophole I've ever seen and she does not see it.

When Anita is by herself. You're listening to her thoughts. She's very clear that she doesn't like this vampire. She also really likes the werewolf. She does. But when she's with either of them, or both. She becomes so indecisive. I feel like the author does this intentionally to drive the story in a specific direction. Like she's using it to backpedal all over the place. It's kind of irritating.

I'm going to keep reading though. I'm interested. I've also spoiled a bit. Sorry!

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