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True Blood and Friends

Interesting combination. Vampires, werewolves and other things. Bimbo best friends. Episodes that different in just about every way, including the length of the episode.

I never got past season 3 of True Blood when I was in college, it was still kind of new and coming out. Friends had probably concluded by this point. I'd never seen Friends before and never had a desire to. Comedy isn't really my thing and they're 22 minutes long! What could possibly happen in 22 minutes!?!?

True Blood. Sexy and dangerous and sometimes ridiculous. The story develops. It's based off some books and naturally deviates later on. I dig it. It's interesting. It's a fad of course. Supernatural beings and humans trying to coexist.

I still like Eric in this show. I root for him. The sometimes bad guy. Or all the time bad guy. I wonder if you read the book if you'd know a bit more of what he's thinking. It's hard to convey that through a show. There was a moment where Eric was having sex with a woman below the club when Sookie barged in. I wondered if he was embarrassed or unhappy at the least that Sookie had to see him like that. Not that he wouldn't have done that but he'd prefer Sookie to see him in a different light.

Anyway. Friends has been driving me crazy and I don't quite understand how it had such a following for so long. It's just one of those shows where people were hooked at a certain stage in their life. Followed the characters and found they could relate. Maybe it helped them through high school and college... Who knows. I just watched Law and Order Smile

I might give up on Friends. I can't relate to anyone on the show. I find them a little silly. Too bad True Blood isn't on Netflix as I might watch that. I'm just not sure what else there is that I can watch... It's too soon to rewatch past TV shows.

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