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Addicted to Fallout 4

So I started a new character in Fallout 4 as I wasn't happy how I was assigning my perks in the other. I was still figuring out the game and realized I was spending points on things I didn't need as much... Examples of perks I'd prefer to have is Gun Nut, Blacksmith, Armorer, Gunslinger. Just a few. Oh! And Cap Collector. Money was an issue for me with the other character and Cap Collector has made buying ammo and selling everything else far better.

So, with my other character I found the quest regarding The Silver Shroud. Part of that included tracking down the costume. I wasn't too interested in going that. In my new character I stumbled upon the location of the studio where they were keeping the costume and some memorabilia. Since I remembered there was a quest I was determined to find it at some point. I eventually forgot about the quest until my friend was over last night and I mentioned I'd found it. He told me where to go find the quest. Then I looked up the walkthrough.

This quest was probably one of the funniest for one... as you can see below.

As you work through it and confront the bad guys you have opportunities to 'speak' as the Silver Shroud. You put on your show voice and speak funny lines. With my buddy Codsworth chipping in a line or two... It's pretty awesome. I also like the Codsworth calls me "Mr. Dominic." He uses my name!!! It's simple enough so I'm not surprised if they have a bank of possible names and how to say them written in somewhere.

I'm playing on my XBOX One and I have no creative ways of taking screenshots except to grab my phone and hope for the best.

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Hah, nice.
I haven't gotten that far into the game... in fact, I'm not sure I've played since I wrote my quick review in the Games section of the forum, which was quite a while ago Razz Hopefully I'll have some time to sit down and play soon.

All in all, Fallout 4 has been pretty solid for me too. I'm doing ok with my current character, but I've also considered starting new to better choose my perks. The first couple levels I didn't really get how they were using the chart and probably made some choices that I might not have had I understood it better.
Ankhanu on Sun Dec 13, 2015 5:17 pm
I'm always torn between making sure I can upgrade things like my armour and power suit, and also making sure I can upgrade my weapons and make certain types of weapons more effective.

So things like Blacksmith and Armorer for upgrading my power suit and regular armour. I need Science at some points.

Then there's Gun Nut and I had that Gunslinger perk to make non-automatic pistols better. I recently acquired an alien pistol so in order to upgrade it and possibly get it to use Fusion Cells instead I really need more Science.

I also need to make sure I can pick and hack master locks and computers. That's so annoying when you can't I had a computer that I needed to unlock for a settlement quest and I was about to fail it unless I could get through the damn door!

I also know that good Charisma is nice because you can get more out of NPCs when you're talking to them. Not just money but sometimes information.
TheGremlyn on Tue Dec 15, 2015 1:38 am

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