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Vice (2015)

I'm getting bored on Netflix these days. I ended up watching a movie called Vice. It has Bruce Willis in it. That's about the only person I recognize of the characters. It's about an hour and a half long and it's rated R. So I expected quite a bit of violence but I think it was the sexually explicit stuff that boosted the rating, I don't know.

Anyway. The gist of the movie seems to be around some corporation developing human like AI that constantly relive the last 24 hours (their memory is wiped). People pay to come there and do things they normally wouldn't. It's a large environment, not isolated rooms or anything, so people visiting will likely come across other real people.

For the most part is seems people either go for sex or to hurt the AI there. Whenever they're damaged they're repaired and each night their memory is reset. They wear special bracelets that allow them to receive these signals and it also separates them from the general population there. Also, any weapons (probably just guns) only work on the AI, not real people.

Well. You mostly start off with this one blonde pretty thing. She wakes up and she describes a dream to her roommate. I'm trying to figure out if she's real or one of the AI or if she's in this place and she's living out some fantasy that she's a bartender who is embarking on a new chapter in life. Well. Then her and her friend are attacked when their finish their last shift. You find out that they're both AI.

They're picked up and sent to be repaired. That's where you get the explanation that their tissue is cloned and they're pretty damn real. The bracelets are explained and how their memory is reset, etc. However, this obviously doesn't work but then I grow disappointed. While her memory was reset she later experiences flashbacks during her last shift. She's taken out after she wouldn't reboot and they basically explain how her memory was never wiped, they just removed her ability to access the memories. I mean, that's how you normally delete things off a computer. Unless you do some crazy wipe and several passes that's basically true and it makes sense.

I'm disappointed because I felt like they could have drawn out a little more the idea what this one AI is 'remembering' things as she wakes up in the morning. She thinks they're dreams but it would build up and she would eventually understand what is actually happening. That awareness would put her in danger. Then you'd get into the action.

Instead, they attempt to restore her memories, which is basically her being killed over and over and over. She goes a little crazy and escapes. The level of action is elevated and just... seems to stay there and it blows up at the very end and then immediately drops off. And the cop guy in this just says "welcome to the real world".


I think I could have done it better. It might have been more tasteful. Instead the movie feels rushed. It could have been better... but whatever. You get a quick and dirty action movie with and infant story. Sigh.

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