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The Weirdest Dream

It may not be the weirdest dream but from what I so clearly remember... weird stuff happened.

Have you ever seen Smallville before? That will help with what the characters look like in my dream. If you've ever seen anything or read anything about Superman? That will help with some of the names. You really would have had to watch Smallville to understand a bit about the dream...

Anyway, on with the show.

My dream kind of starts out with Lana Lang being happy that she's partnered up with Lex Luther and they have a farm together (I'm sure that never happened in the show). I recall Lana ended up meeting some woman who also makes me think there's a mob theme around her. She seems like she can foretell the future or something but she's very vague about it with Lana. The woman is more likely saying something will happen but I'm going to be evasive to make things more interesting.

Lana leaves and goes back to her happy farm with Lex. It might have been around this time that I did my own recap in my dream of why they're together. I recalled that Lex was actually supposed to help Clark get Lana but instead Lex fell in love with Lana and they took off and Clark was very upset because Lex was supposed to be his friend (even though we all know he's the big bad wolf).

Soon enough there's a fire at the farm that destroy most of the buildings. Lana and Lex are standing there are stressed out but appreciative of all the people who came out to help. Lana is a little annoyed because the woman mentioned above should have been able to warn her about this.

Lana goes back to the woman to giver her a piece of her mind. Before she can see the woman she apparently has to go through some test or security measure and that was like an eye scan but looked more like someone holding a glass cup over one eye. I suspect it was more like a magnified device of some sort as they're looking for something IN the eye.

Lana gets pushed through and I recall the person who looked at her eye muttered something after seeing something in Lana's eye.

Lana goes into a small room with this woman and vents about how she should have known there would be a fire. Meanwhile the woman keeps asking her if she's ok and if she's sure she's ok and nothing bad happened to her, nothing unexpected. She's being annoyingly vague and not asking direct questions. Lana affirms that she's fine but would have been better if she could have been told her farm was going to go up in flames.

Lana storms off and at some point this guy is just there with Lana. I don't know who he is so I must have just made him up. Lana is talking and the guy is replying back to her. Lana notices her shoulder hurts and, big surprise, there are two puncture marks. The guy comments that those are contagious (I think he's trying to be funny and I don't know why vampires are suddenly in this dream). Lana pays it no mind and wants to go back to talk to the woman again.

The guy follows her and Lana makes her way in. She gets to the room where the woman is and one of the associates is just finishing up talking with her. Lana tries to be very quiet, like she's sneaking now. The guy comments a few times about the situation and wonders why no one notices they're there. Lana continues to sneak about out of sight as the associate moves to leave. The guy keeps talking and Lana jumps at him to shut him up. I've already figured out they're invisible in the dream... for some reason that is unknown and these two monkeys are a little too special to figure out.

Then my alarm goes off. Thankfully it saved me from enduring more of this nonsense dream.

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I would call that dream strange not weird.
standready on Fri Dec 04, 2015 5:20 pm
Maybe the dream is going to reveal its meaning when Lana continues her search.
It's pity that we don't have the chance to figure it out.
rx9876 on Mon Dec 07, 2015 6:00 am

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