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Dream Last Night

I told this to my coworker this morning and he thought it was super creepy. He also said I should try and apparently write these out, like make short stories out of them.

Iím not too sure how this dream started out. I recall we were making food and there was myself, another woman and another man. People I knew but I couldnít name them right now. It seemed we were making a duck and it was ready for carving. It might have been [Jane] that was there telling us how to carve. The meat seemed to fall away easily. Then [John] appeared and he was bright eyed as he looked at the cooked bird. We noticed the meat to one end wasnít ready like the rest. We decided to cut those sections off and cook them a bit more.

Around this time something happened. Iím sure I didnít leave the room or anything but suddenly the people were gone and the bird was also gone. It was quiet and dim and nothing moved. It was like there were windows somewhere and light was coming in and you could see the dust motes.

Thatís when I found a man had taken me. Overpowered me. He scared me and I couldnít even see what he looked like except he wore a coat, he help a rifle or a shotgun. I couldnít really see his face but he had a presence, he was larger than I and clearly stronger. I didnít know who he was or why he wanted me.

I think my hands were tied in front of my and from there a rope went to him and he dragged me along beside him. He didnít hurt me but he never slowed his pace. He would sometime pull the cord and I might stumble. At some point I think we were outside and it was cold, there was snow and the wind was blowing. I was cold. My feet were cold. I couldnít tell if I had proper footwear or not.

I think I tried to get away once but I didnít get far. I just pulled back on the cord when he was about to and he lost his grip but I was too close and he easily grabbed me and threw me on the ground. I was afraid to move and I was prone on the ground for a moment before he yanked me up to my feet. We walked on for a time.

I had another moment when I tried to get away. This time I thought Iíd actually succeed. We were near a hill and I managed to loosen my bonds and as soon as my hands were free I took off. I think I was running down the hill but feel to tumble all the way down. It was a moment before I could correctly take to my feet again but I saw he was not far behind.

I started to cry out for help as I tried to run. I saw a farmhouse in the distance and there was someone in the yard and another near the house itself. I had to climb a fence and I literally threw myself over the other side to fall on the ground again. It was a woman in the field so I ran past her and kept running as it was a man by the house. He had a dog that held his ground. The man by the house ushered me inside when he saw how terrified I was. The dog came in with me and the door was closed. I locked it for good measure.

I fell down onto the floor but I was near a window so I crept close by so I was still just out of sight but I could still see. The man was still coming and he easily climbed the fence and walked to the house. The woman was uncertain and looked like she wanted to speak to him and then I heard the shot. He pointed the shotgun at her and simply pulled the trigger. She crumpled to the ground and didnít move. I was wide-eyed.

He kept coming and I saw he showed the man by the house the same favour. Another shot rang out and the man was down. The man with the gun paused by the door. He managed to open it and just turned to look down on me. The dog before me growled low in its throat. He barked out when the man drew closer. He wasnít afraid and I felt something sink in my stomach.

He reached out and easily pulled the dog away and it yelped at the rough hold. I wanted to speak out, to spare the dog, but I couldnít make a sound. He killed the dog too.

He was before me, looking down, and the shotgun resting easily in his hand and down his side. I looked up at him, my eyes wide and the terror was coursing through me.

I didnít know what he was going to do to me. Kill me? Tie me up again and continue to pull me along? Where would he take me? What did he want?

No answers.

I woke up.

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Wow! Why can't you have pleasant dreams instead of nightmares? Or do you just remember the terror?
standready on Sat Oct 24, 2015 4:29 pm
This one was pretty vivid so I think the terror kind of made it stick and it was not so bizarre that I'd have a hard time making sense of what I saw.

I honestly don't remember when I last had a pleasant dream.... I dunno. But there could be some neutral dreams out there. Last night I might have had a fairly simple dream that wasn't happy or scary. I just... can't really remember it...
TheGremlyn on Sun Oct 25, 2015 3:12 pm
Wow! That definitely qualifies as a nightmare. Could it have been precipitated by a TV thriller?
deanhills on Sun Oct 25, 2015 8:08 pm
I fell asleep to the Planet Earth series on Netflix. It was pretty low and the person had a British accent. All pleasant things to fall asleep to.

I have no idea what brings on dreams like that. Not to mention I recall referring to the bird we were cooking as duck when I knew it was larger and in the dream I was thinking it was more like a turkey. Weird.
TheGremlyn on Sun Oct 25, 2015 8:49 pm

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