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Canadian Election 2015

So this year was the very first year I've EVER voted for anything!

I get looks from people who started voting the moment they were old enough.

I don't have the greatest answer as to why I have never voted. I know it's my right. I get that it's important, have a voice, yadda, yadda, yadda. I've just never felt compelled to march out to the polls a mark that ballot with an 'X' and toss it in the box.

So what was different this year? Not a whole lot EXCEPT the amount of peer pressure from so many sources.

With the internet and social media we're far more connected than we used to be. It's far easier for people to spread the word and message around election time. I had a lot of friends on my Facebook posting left right and center about the upcoming election. Then queue Rick Mercer's rant about how younger people should get out and vote and make a difference.

In general I just had so many people asking "did you vote?" "are you going to vote?" "did you go to the advance polls?" "have you voted yet? You have until 9:30pm"

I'd also get general lectures about my right to vote and if we didn't vote then, I dunno, we'd be in a sorry state and for all I know I'd be barefoot in the kitchen or something.

I never filled out my voter's card when I got it. I really just wanted this election to slide by me.

Maybe another reason I don't vote is I, generally speaking, hate politics. I think they're a bunch of man children cooped up in a room yelling at each other. I've seen bits on the news of the generally stupid things they have done, the mistakes they've made, the corruption, the greed. I just had very little faith in them as people. They're not much better than the celebrities out there who let it get to them and slip up. They're supposed to do what's in our best interest and making Canada a better place... maybe they're doing it sometimes... other times I think they've missed the mark. Sadly I'm so out of tune and I don't watch or read the news I can't give specific examples...

Well. Election night was upon me this week. I got home after work and relaxed for a bit... I kept thinking about how I just had to walk a minute to where I was supposed to vote. I hopped on my computer and I started playing a game... then one of my friends messages me about whether I'd voted. I groaned, and moaned. He kept telling me I had about 2 hours left to vote. He told me all the things I could bring for ID.

So I don't know what convinced me. Maybe I just like this friend of mine. I trust him. He wasn't telling me who to vote for, just to get out. He assured me I had the right documents, he ran me through the process so I wouldn't be too overwhelmed (new things stress me out as I usually have no idea what I'm doing and I fear making a mistake). So on went the coat with my lease and a couple bills with my address on them went into my one inside pocket, my wallet went into the other. I had to use my Health Card as photo ID since I haven't updated my driver's license yet.

I started the slow walk to my station. The main portion of the building was already closed but the voting section was down a stairwell. I have never been in this particular building before so I was only a little nervous. I approached the first table with a woman behind it and announced clearly that I was here to vote but have never done so before and had no idea what I was doing. She was skeptically that I was in the right place and her questions came off a little rude (I'm a little toooo observant when it comes to tones of voice). I assured her I'd checked online already and told her where I was from and that Elections Canada said this is where I was supposed to vote. I went further to say I'd already looked up what I'd need for documentation too so she would stop thinking I was a complete idiot.

I went into the main room as I was directed to follow someone to my specific table. I don't understand how in one room there are three separate boxes that certain people can put their votes into but OK.

I waited patiently for some young kidlets in front of me. I saw the taped lines on the floor so I kept my distance and just observed the room, trying to figure out what it was normally used for. The one girl ahead of me had to swear an oath.

I was thanked for my patience and handed over my documents. For some reason they didn't believe me when I said I didn't fill out the voters card but they checked anyways (must resist urge to roll eyes!). I got my ballot and went behind the dinky carboard stand. Then realized there wasn't anything documented around me on how to correctly fill out the ballot! *facepalm* I just happened to look up high enough behind the cardboard stand to see the image of an 'X' in a circle so I made an 'X'. Yes, I really need that much direction. It's a federal election, it's a big deal, gotta make sure you're doing it right. Right? *reluctant laugh*

So I refolded my ballot and made my way back for the guy to tear the strip on the side off. I put my ballot in the box and then walked out, back up the stairs and home. I must have only been maybe 20 minutes. Going in the evening worked well for me, apparently, since I wasn't one of those who waited in line for an hour to vote!

On to the next entry!

2 blog comments below

Hehe, welcome to participating in democracy Wink

I'm glad you voted; I don't care who you voted for (I mean, I do, but I don't Wink ), I'm glad you participated. Honestly, one of the most important, significant results of Monday was increased voter turnout. If it can be maintained in the future, our national situation can only improve.

I'm really hoping we actually see some of the electoral reform that have been promised in this election. The first-past-the-post system we have really helps to engender disengagement and a sense of fruitlessness many feel towards voting these days. Individuals feeling like their voice really counts can only be positive.
Ankhanu on Thu Oct 22, 2015 3:03 am
Congratulations on voting. I know voting is important. I just wish my voting was not for the lesser of crooks running. Politics suck!
standready on Thu Oct 22, 2015 6:08 pm

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