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New Squeaker - Mama

So last week I was walking down to the pet store after a nice sushi dinner with a friend. Half way there I said out loud "I want to get another guinea pig".

This is a few months after Eve passed away so I'd gotten over the panic stage of "I NEED ANOTHER GUINEA PIG TO FILL THE VOID!"

I felt fairly level headed about this decision. Now, saying that I wanted a guinea pig doesn't mean I'll walk into the store and actually find some there. No. I am never that lucky. Usually the store is out or they only have males or someone has already reserved a guinea pig so it's not actually for sale. Other times you walk in and they may have them but they're too young to sell and by the time you remember to go back... they're gone.

This day was different. I walked in and... there was a cage... and in it there were 3 little guinea pigs.

I was quite surprised. So I waited somewhat patiently to ask if they were male of female. They were all females. The store was a little more interesting.

They're all about the same size although the one on the far left is fairly calm compared to the other two. Apparently this calm guinea pig is the mother of the other two......... So from what I understand the mother was born maybe around October and then had her babies around December or so... Ok. Well the store clerk tried to tell me I had to take all three because they didn't really want to separate them. So I was more looking at taking the babies... or the mama. The clerk was okay with this.

So I deliberated for a while. Talked to my friend down an aisle with guinea pig stuffs. I even messaged a friend and sent them photos. We kind of agreed I couldn't handle two more guinea pigs in addition to my current guinea pig and my two cats.

So I bought Mama. And we called her Mama. Because I'm that lazy that I can't come up with a better name.

I'm going to clear up one major thing here. Squee and Mama do not get along. At first Mama was giving as much as she took. But Squee is a red eyed meanie pants and kept attacking Mama and I was getting cut up a bit from separating them. It also got to the point where Mama was crying out from pure fear. I've kept them separated since. The closest we get is when I have them sitting on opposite sides of me while I'm on my laptop. They're like squeaker speakers.

But these guys could be friends!

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That's awesome! A new guinea pig. Pity Squee is not too happy. Hope it can be fixed as Mama looks like a great guinea pig. The bottom photo with Mynx is a winner for me. Mama has made a friend. Very Happy
deanhills on Tue Sep 15, 2015 11:02 pm
I went back to the store to get some cat food and guinea pig food. Only one baby left. The one with the yellow hair is still there. I feel bad when I guinea pig is left behind like that. The store clerk remembered me and was like "you wanna buy a guinea pig?" I was like "noooooo i have too many pets" and she was said "are you sure? come on! just one left! take one of mama's babies home to her"

Still managed to walk out of the store. My account hurts a little after Mynx's vet visit so adding another $30 something for a guinea pig and another water bottle and food bowl... newp!
TheGremlyn on Wed Sep 16, 2015 3:03 am
Nice to see Mynx has a new friend! What about the other cat? Too bad Squee has to be so mean. Might warn up to the new arrival sometime. Just starting out to show who rules the roost.
standready on Wed Sep 16, 2015 5:57 pm

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