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New Project for 2015-2016 Budget

Well... since I met with such great success introducing my Mac bistro I've been given another lead measure for this year...

Introduce Chrome OS Machines!

I'm not sure if I'm excited or terrified or just... feel like shaking my head.

Anyway, it kind of gets worse because we don't know how many we want, or where they're going to go.

In addition we could be risking network stability by making them wifi only (I prefer a LAN connection personally). I have little faith in our wifi network. So many people have issues with it. Between all the devices, congestion, problematic access points... faulty programming in the back?

Depending on how your mind works... me... I start tallying up the dollar signs.

The number of machines obviously influences the cost. Am I getting 3? or 10?

The location will also impact expenses in terms of networking and electrical costs. In addition the space could influence the number of machines I can actually buy.

What the machines will actually sit on is influence by location and the number of units I can buy.

The networking and electrical costs alone can influence the budget. I could spend very little money in this area or I could spend a lot.

*enter from stage right*
Our mighty hero wanders about until they stumble upon a wall. Look 'round the gasp!

"Oh look! this call is covered in data jacks and electrical outlets!

*next act. Enter from stage left*
Our hero wanders the wastes, seeking the hidden oasis. Seeking to and fro they stumble upon what they think is the oasis...

"Oh but my eyes deceive me! What I thought was a lush and green oasis is but barren sands and dunes!" (essentially I need to get xrays of the floor, core drilling and pulling new data and electrical. This is super expensive.)

Well. I did manage to mostly build a budget. However I haven't been able to accurately account for the cost of electrical or furniture. I can reference how much is cost to pull electrical through existing holes in the floor for 6 workstations... It's a start. Granted the person made a mistake and pulled electrical up the wrong hole... or was it the data guy? I want to say electrical... anyway, he had to backtrack and redo it all so that increased number of man hours.

My budge has a lot of numbers all over the place. You might think it's over complicated and chaotic... until you realize I'm trying to account for most situations. I would rather take that budget and simplify it... the alternative is to make a simple budget and then had to made additional changes and add in expenses and make modifications.

If I know we was X number of machines, and we're using wifi instead and we go with X warranty (or no warranty)... i have a number for that!

Now I'm just tired and I shudder to think of what furniture costs will be.

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I really don't think furniture or any other expense outside of the computers should be part of the project budget since those items will have use beyond this project.
Not being up on Chrome machines, can you connect using other than wi-fi? I have only touch one of their netbooks and did like it.
standready on Thu Jul 09, 2015 5:48 pm
Probably depends on what you end up getting. I fully intend on connecting via wired connection.

This is the site I've been looking at after I was set up with an account manager after contacting Google.

The Canada store doesn't have as big of a selection right now so I've been looking at the Lenovo boxes, specifically this little guy

It's just interesting because they have such tiny hard drive inside and I suppose that just so people can't save anything to them because it really should be in the cloud.
TheGremlyn on Sat Jul 11, 2015 7:47 pm

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