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Rearranging Once More

I can't seem to settle on a layout or placement of a few items. I want my second room to be a bit of an office it's just awkward trying to place things like the desk, lil Squee's cage, bookshelf and I still have a little couch.

One thing I'd like to change is my desk. It's getting small and I need separate spaces for the computer and for writing. I also need a bit more space if I'm going to snack of drink tea or coffee. I'm quite worried one day I will knock a cup off the desk or onto my laptop and my lap.

I like the idea of a corner desk and it would help sort of break the room up a little bit since I have stuff pushed on either side of the room (it's rather narrow). A friend of mine got a corner glass table and I'd always like it and it works really well in his second room (which is smaller than mine). It helped to give him that office space and he had a futon couch and TV on a stand on the other side of it. I could likely achieve something similar with this room except I don't think I'll be moving my TV in here!

This is the desk I'm eyeing.

The reviews seem promising. As much as I'd love a wood desk they're big and heavy and wouldn't be as easy to move. One concern is the lack of storage but I'm sure I would find a little filing cabinet to go under one side if I needed it. One my friend actually did at the time was he set the desk up by the closet of the room and had a cabinet/stand in the closet (and other supplies). He even had his tea stuff and kettle set up there because he was drinking so much tea at the time! I haven't visited him in a couple years so I'm not sure how much things have changed.

Anyway, I'm going to evaluate this room a bit more but my overall intention is to upgrade some of the items I have. A real couch is a big one for me but I've got to find one or two that I really like and hold out for a sale!

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So you are not going to be like me
2 used 2 drawer filing cabinets with a 5 foot long board forming a desktop. laugh
standready on Tue Jun 23, 2015 4:42 pm
Reminds me of my small bedroom in Vancouver, BC. I had a corner unit that fit snugly into the corner and looked as though it had been designed for the room. I lucked out with a sale at The Bay when they were trying to get rid of Palliser furniture. The one you're contemplating is awesome and an improvement over mine as it has more working space and looks slightly more light weight. Mine was almost 4/5ths of your length, slightly narrower, but it also had a chest of drawers at the main desk end. I also had an IKEA bookshelf that I attached to the wall at reachable level to the right in length with the L portion - got that at an IKEA sale. Only one row. But it worked just right for me. I still have the bookshelf here in the UAE.

I didn't have it as high up as in the photo more like within arm's reach and only a single one but this gives the idea.

deanhills on Tue Jun 23, 2015 9:10 pm
The desk surface material is glass.
It might be chilly when you touch the desk surface in the cold weather.
Maybe a desk cloth or some desk pad made of soft plastic like PU could help.
rx9876 on Wed Jun 24, 2015 3:00 am
I'm not sure if I'll get that desk this pay or wait until the next...

As for the glass being cool... that's likely cool. I'm fortunate that my apartment is always warm. I can likely raid my friend's game mat collection as he gets stuff like this when he's off being a judge for Magic competitions:

I already have one my laptop sits on and it's pretty big. If I had one other that might be enough.
TheGremlyn on Thu Jun 25, 2015 12:27 pm

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