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What Was I Going To Call This? Oh yea! OUCC 2015

Buh! After catching up on some of the blog posts my brain forgot what it was going to do.

I've been away for a while and I'm not sure how much has changed. I know one item I haven't posted about was the OUCC 2015 conference we hosted. Ontario Universities Computing Conference. It's been around for quite a long times and when the CIOs got together last summer our VP said we'd try to host it in partnership with another institution we actually work with because of our video conference services that tie a few of our classrooms together.

Anyway, an email went around with some volunteer positions and I put my name in for photography and social media lead. I got that. Found myself a little overwhelmed at some point and also found that there was almost nothing for me to do 90% of the time so I always opted to stay on the service desk when that meeting came up. I really didn't have to get moving until the month before when we actually had a schedule to work with (as rough as it might have been). It gave me an idea of where things were taking place and what was happening and when and where I might need some help.

Overall I only had myself and 2 other volunteers who could take photos usually when I couldn't. We also utilized these Eyefi Mobi SD cards with our cameras so we could transfer the photos into apps on our Apple or Android devices, do a few quick touch-ups (I usually applied a filter to add a little life and counteract the odd lighting in the spaces) and threw them up on our Facebook page and Twitter page.

Those cards were fantastic! They allows up to add that extra bit of life to the conference because moments after taking photos of some of the concurrent sessions I had them up on our digital displays!

I have some mixed feelings about how the photography turned out when I had volunteers. You know with DSLR or any digital camera you can just go around and be shutter happy and take lots of useless photos. I had very few useless photos and a lot of good ones that I tossed up. I was trying to get in that head-space where I was mindful of what was in the frame before snapping the shot (looking for odd faces or strange things in the picture). I never think of myself as being great because I don't work at it that much. I want to say I have a little bit of that natural talent that gets me in the door but I'm far from being where I want to be.

That being said I found the photos from my volunteers (they have better cameras and lenses than me and I'm super jealous! They talk in camera language and I just stare at them!!) were kind of the opposite of me. They took a lot of photos and I have to dig to find some good ones that are focusing in weird places or are too dark or too bright or people are making funny faces or there's a lot of glare. I guess I had higher expectations. I'll also admit that taking photos at a conference is very different from what they were probably used to.

I found I was moving a lot during the conference and you had to move fast and grab those shots! That fast pace probably threw them off a bit. I'm the baby in the department and pretty spry when I want to be. If you're not used to that pace it can probably throw you off. There's also the worry that someone will get upset their you're taking their photos. I found a lot of people knew I meant to be in the background and some people jokingly posed for me or made some comments when I came along. I was oddly able to joke with them. I have no idea what they thought of me when I was carrying my camera around. I was the young female that doesn't look like they're in IT but is, compared to the other two that seem a bit older, heck of a lot taller too! and obviously work in IT Razz

So... the Facebook and Twitter feed have a lot of my content. I still have to weed through the photos from the others and populate a couple event folders that I wasn't present for or I was unfortunate enough to be participating in *cough*

I'm sad the conference is over and I really do love that feeling and energy from running around doing that. I was very serious about it and I hope I added a certain level to this conference. I certainly didn't find a lot when I looked at past OUCC social media feeds.

I'll leave these here to highlight a few funnier moments or awesome moments at the conference:

May The 4th Be With You ::

The Eagles Cover Band - Hotel California ::

The Ultimate Ending featuring Keynote Speaker Paul Huschilt ::

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Welcome back, L! Not much has changed here. Sounds like you have been very busy. Good for you!
Let me say the camera does not make the photographer. Considering a new profession as a photo-journalist?

Off the subject: All settled into the new place? Do the "kids" like it?
standready on Sun May 31, 2015 5:09 pm
The new place is great! My main bedroom and the living room are pretty much settled, although I did just rearrange the living room. Apparently Mynx gets really annoyed if I'm in on my computer in the second bedroom. Ended up moving it out into the living room, which worked well since I can now plug into the router and that'll speed things up a bit! I since I had the extra space I put my futon frame together and bought a mattress for it. Then I ended up swapping that around so it's my main couch now (comfy and has arms on the side so I can prop my head up when I lay down. The other fold out couch thing I have looks a little dinky because it's so short. I may replace it with another futon but I'll get a different style... That'll add height and it will look better in that room. It's an odd room though because it's deeper than my older bedroom but it's a little narrower. It's hard to place things. I also got Lil Squee a bigger cage so she has more room in general now but it also comes with this fold out fencing to attach to the front of the cage. Then I just let her out to run around there. It's great because I don't have to worry about her eating any wires! And the cats are safer too... Razz
TheGremlyn on Mon Jun 01, 2015 1:00 am
Fantastic to hear from you TG. Am sure you aced being a photographer. I can relate to living in a living room. I prefer it to my bedroom at times because of all of the space. Wonder why bedrooms are always made much smaller.
deanhills on Mon Jun 01, 2015 3:45 am
I think my bedroom is practically the same size as the living room. Except there's a closet... and a little window instead of a full sliding door. I half entertained the idea of making the living room my bedroom! I think it's because I like the idea of have a big sliding door for the view and I could wake up and step out for some fresh air. So I think I'd like to work towards having a house where the master bedroom has a walkout balcony or something.
TheGremlyn on Mon Jun 01, 2015 12:47 pm
Can relate to that. My first flat was a bachelor's pad with enormous space, walk-out balcony and I recall once being able to watch an electric thunder storm from my bed. That was pretty spectacular. I was on the ninth floor at the time with uninterrupted views. I then upgraded to a one bed-room, and got my first experience of the bed-room space being inferior to the living room space, it was a tiny cubicle in comparison and I felt quite claustrophobic in it. Ditto when I was in Canada. Bedroom was much too small. I have seen apartments where both living room and bedroom have walkout balconies, usually one balcony shared by both. But in much larger apartments like three bedroom apartments.
deanhills on Mon Jun 01, 2015 8:50 pm
The 3 bedroom units in my building are just shy of 1000 sq ft. I just can't see that layout but I picture on room being really tiny. I should have asked to see a 3 bedroom when I was looking at 2 bedrooms just to see how they did it.
TheGremlyn on Mon Jun 01, 2015 10:17 pm

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