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Getting Closer to Moving Day

The lease is signed. The service elevators are booked. I have my minions for a couple days... And I've barely started packing!

I have almost 8 people set to help my on the 29th in the afternoon! I think that will work well because maybe I can have someone in the other apartment and another by the elevator while the rest shuffle between the buildings moving stuff.

I'll be doing the incoming inspection of the new apartment on the 28th at noon and that's when I'll get the keys. Then I can give it the me version of clean (clean counters and floors and vacuum and maybe get some kind of flea powder stuff for the carpets to make sure cats don't get anything). I've got 1 or 2 people who could help me shuffle some smaller items over like all my books and maybe some kitchen things and I could move the guinea pigs over, really...

By Sunday, and since I have the elevators for 2 hours, I might only have the furniture left... Then it's just a matter of making sure this place is good and clean and maybe I could do the outgoing inspection the same day?

I was technically supposed to work Sunday as well as Monday. I've asked to use a special leave day for moving (it's in our agreement for the union) and I had about 11.25 lieu hours to burn so I put 7 hours down for the Monday so I had more time to arrange things and get used to the new place.

I'll have to buy another curtain rod and other curtains since I'll have that second bedroom. I kind of want to have 2 sets of curtains for each room. I really like the sheer ones I have in my living room so while it's not too hot our I can have the door open for a breeze and the light to brighten things up. In the summer when it gets really hot I'd want to trade out the sheers for black out curtains. I expect it will be a bit hotter on the 7th floor and facing south to boot! I think I will be okay... Hopefully the summer isn't hot all the time. Last year there was one week where it was super hot, then again before the nice fall weather rolled in.

Anyway, super excited! I plan to take pictures of the move! Somehow I feel like I'll be leaving some negative energies behind in this place and picking up some new, brighter energies in the new place Smile

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Oh boy, oh boy, TG is about to move! Mynx and Luna will finally have their room! laugh
standready on Fri Mar 20, 2015 3:47 pm
One week left to do the packing!
It'll be a hard work.
Maybe it's a good idea to find some helpers to speed up the packing.
rx9876 on Mon Mar 23, 2015 8:39 am
I had a friend from work come over this weekend with some boxes and she basically said "anything you don't need to the next 6 days... pack it up." At the same time when she saw everything I had she confessed that I really didn't have that much stuff. This is compared to how much she and her hubby had when they were moving from one house to another. We boxed up the smaller things from my utility closet and I attached the kitchen a bit. Last night, since I did my laundry, I stuff most of my clothes into bags along with some of the bathroom towels. Tomorrow morning I'll have a bit more help and big totes to pack things in. Should be able to get a bunch of other kitchen things packed in there and maybe some bathroom stuff. I do have a few hiding places so items I have thin there will get packed.

All these things we're packing right now I'm hoping to haul over to the new apartment on Saturday. The kitchen stuff I might be able to arrange in the new place so it's one less thing to do. All those clothes in the bags could also be hung up again so they get a chance to straighten out!
TheGremlyn on Mon Mar 23, 2015 2:15 pm
Not waiting to the last minute is a good thing. I once helped a friend on 'moving' day only to find nothing organized or packed. What a mess! Last day of lease to boot.
Your friend is correct about apartment 'stuff' compared to filling a house especially with two people or more. Wait until you move next time because you will have more stuff with second bedroom space.
standready on Mon Mar 23, 2015 4:33 pm
I will do my best not to acquire more 'stuff'. If anything I want to upgrade specific items. My couch, for example. I have no armrests so I feel, at some point, it will be replaced with something more comfortable with armrests! Save up and maybe I'll get lucky next boxing day Smile
TheGremlyn on Tue Mar 24, 2015 3:58 pm
New beginnings are always great! Wishing you the best of everything TG Cool
deanhills on Wed Mar 25, 2015 7:08 am

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