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New Chapter in my Life? Part 2

So, the first unit I was was on the 2nd floor towards the west end of the building, facing South. We weren't right at the end of the building, we were the 2nd unit in from the west side so only a window or 2 looked at the side of my building. This unit had the renovated kitchen and looked okay, new tiles in the bathroom and they had a different style carpet. This was a good example of what the unit would look like.

This is the very rough layout of my current apartment:

Fairly compact. Not a bad layout but it is weird having the bathroom right next to the door! When my friend came over from London he kind of joked that there was a place he could stand and just see my entire apartment!

Okay, so I saw the unit on the 2nd floor but I already live on the 4th floor and if anything I wanted to be up higher. The other unit he planned on showing me was on the 12th floor! So I was like - that's kind of high but that'll be interesting to see the view. He said this unit was an example of one that didn't have a renovated kitchen.

We went in and I just started out the sliding door of the balcony because this is the view I had!

It was crazy how far I could see! And I could see the top of my building and the next one over. I could see where I used to live a few years ago on the next could streets over... It was just crazy! A few like that would be great in the sprint and summer and fall! It would also be amazing during thunderstorms!

Well, I asked him about other units he had available or ones that might come up for rent soon and we had to go back down to the second floor so he could get his list. That's when I started to feel a little queasy about being up too high. As we looked at his list I confessed that I didn't think I was up for something higher than floor 7 or 8. He found a unit on the 7th floor, towards the East end of the building (second one from the corner) and it had a renovated kitchen and was south facing but had been listed as vacant since Feb 1st.

He didn't exactly want to show me the unit because they were still slowing cleaning it up and getting it ready but I assured him I could look past the mess but I wanted to see a unit on the 7th floor at the end just to get a feel.

Before I post those I want to show the shots of the rooms I got from the 12th floor unit.

This is the master bedroom in the 2 bedroom unit and it's a lot deeper than my bedroom and maybe a bit wider.

This is the second bedroom in the unit and it's about as wide as my bedroom but again, deeper.

This is the living room and sliding door. The living room is the same size as mine so no sacrificing space here!

Now, these units I had see where on the West end of the building so you walked in and the kitchen was to the left, living room straight ahead and a hallway leading down to the 2 bedrooms and a bathroom and linen closet at the end. On the East end of the building the orientation was reversed so the bedrooms went down the left and the kitchen was to the right.

So. First thing I noticed about the unit is, for some reason, it felt brighter and warmer. Looking out the sliding door I felt much closer to Earth! The entryway is quite spacious and there's room for a boot mat near the coat closet. The hallway going off to the bedrooms and bathroom is actually quite wide. The utility closet is markedly smaller but... oh well.

Here is what I got from the new style kitchen (please be aware the stove is pulled out from the wall for cleaning and stuff):

Cant you say waaaay more cupboard and counter space???????? Holy!!! And check out that eat in kitchen kind of bar? Awesome! Just grab a couple bar stools and instant kitchen party! I was happy because the stove is the same as what I already have whereas the ones I'd seen in the other units were older looking. The fridge is a full size fridge whereas I only have an apartment style fridge so it's much smaller.

Here is the view:

I'm basically looking over the center of the courtyard and hey, I can see my current apartment! Weird? Now I know how much people can see from up there Razz

I'm above the power lines, thankfully. I should still be able to take pictures of the sunrise and I might even get some evening shots. One issue with being on the South side is I will get waaaay more sun. It stands that it will get a bit hotter in the summer months and I will be heavily relying on my air conditioner and black out curtains to keep the sun out and roasting the place. Thankfully my AC unit is on wheels so I can move it around depending on where I need it. I also have my 2 tower fans to keep air moving.

Here is the rough layout for the 2 bedroom to give you an idea:

So. I've put in a request to transfer. It seems I don't exactly have to give 2 months notice? I said I wanted to vacate my current place by March 31st and move into the other for April 1st. When I asked they said they would give me the time I needed to move into the new place so I could move most of my stuff on the weekend before the 31st. It's not as expensive as I thought it would be either because my last months rent rolls over to the new place so I just have to top it up to the actual amount of the rental value of the new place so that is much better! All I have to worry about is the 1st months rent but by then I will have been paid again. Since it's also tax season and I've filed those I'm hoping to get money from my return and that will cover some unexpected expenses. I believe you usually get those within a couple weeks of filing. Hoping for good! I don't want to pay the government!

If I get approved (I should know by Monday) then I have 10 days to sign the lease. Exciting! Then I'll just borrow lots of totes and start packing so come moving day(s) We just roll stuff out and cross the courtyard to the next building. Fun times!

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Sounds excellent, TG. Good luckwith the approval process!
standready on Sun Mar 01, 2015 7:18 pm
Sounds awesome .... a new home! Reminds me very much of the small one-bedroom apartment I had in Vancouver - Westend - fourth floor. It had a great balcony with a cross breeze right through to the bedroom, and a tiny glimpse of English Bay. The cupboard space was incredible. I love that kitchen nook, as had one exactly like that.

The new balcony looks great. Pity it doesn't go all the way to the master bedroom as well. I guess one can't access the balcony from the second bedroom?
deanhills on Sun Mar 01, 2015 7:28 pm
All the balconies have been redone although the other side of the building facing North that I'm looking at moving into still have to be done come spring. But they've worked out the process and seem to move fairly quick through the tear down, prep and rebuild.

The balcony doesn't go straight across, all balconies are the same size and can only be accessed through the sliding door. I mean, you could probably pop the screen off the second bedroom window but... bugs. You can tell the 2 bedroom units on the building perpendicular to mine because they have the gaps between the units in the balconies.
TheGremlyn on Sun Mar 01, 2015 8:01 pm

So, I like how I was told I'd hear back from them in 24 to 48 hours. Well, I handed in the form on Friday afternoon, no later than 2pm I think. I waited all Monday... nothing. Tuesday passed... Then it was 4:18pm and I knew they closed at 4:30pm and I still hadn't heard back from them. I asked my friend if I should call and he said why not?

I called and then this guy Ron comes on the phone and says 'part of the transfer process include a pre-outgoing inspection'.

Well, was someone going to tell me this within the 24 to 48 hour mark? Apparently not. So I have that scheduled for tomorrow morning. I'm nervous.

I'll be going home tonight and I'll be cleaning out my garbage cans and cleaning the literbox out and I might even vacuum tonight. I'll make sure the stove is pretty clean and nothing is out of place. I am debating one thing. Since I don't have a lot of counter space I traded my paper towel stand for one that mounts to a wall or cupboard. The screws poked through the cupboard material by almost half an inch. Doesn't look great and I'm not sure what they're going to think of that. I'm tempted to take it down and just try and hide the holes as best I can.

The other thing is the bathroom. A while back there was a leak from the unit above and the pictures I sent them of what my walls and ceiling looked like and that actually helped then figure out exactly where the issue was. So they patched my wall and ceiling and they left a note saying they would return tomorrow to sand and paint... well they never did. So there's still the rough putty job they did. I had half thought about fixing it myself and sometimes I thought about calling them to inform them they never came back. I'd run into a string of bad luck though where they just didn't seem to get back to me... Sometimes I'm not sure if that's an issue with the company or if it's an issue with the super for the building...

Anyways. I'm hoping things go over well. I'm a neat person. I like to keep my place clean since I live there. I'm hoping they're not going to be a bunch of jerks and somehow drive me out of the place... hmmf.
TheGremlyn on Thu Mar 05, 2015 1:52 am
I think you will be fine. They should have the report on the bathroom issue. As far as the paper towel holder, I would take it down but not try to hide holes except with items in cabinet.

Again, good luck!
standready on Thu Mar 05, 2015 5:52 pm
Yay! He was only here for maybe 15 seconds and said he'd approve the transfer. Shouldn't be long before I get to set up a time to sign the new lease and arrange for when I can move my stuff! Yay!

I did take the paper towel thing down and I made sure my canisters of team sat above or in front of the holes. Since there's an overhand you can't see the holes unless you look at the underside of the cupboard. He really did just want to make sure I hadn't trashed the place.

I feel like he was maybe surprised at how neat it was. He noticed Luna and commented on how I have a black cat. Mynx was just lying on the floor in the entry way and didn't move when he went to stand next her to to look around. She meowed at him and he said 'oh hello kitty'. I also heard him say 'ah, nice' as he peeked about. He really didn't look at much.

So excited!

Now you can see how crazy my stress levels can be and how much I worry. My poor brain!
TheGremlyn on Thu Mar 05, 2015 6:15 pm
Well done! Another major hurdle out of the way. Do you also have to steam clean the carpets or pay for it to be steam cleaned? That is a rule that is incorporated in most contracts in BC. Either included as a price item, or one can choose to do it oneself at the point of vacating the apartment.
deanhills on Thu Mar 05, 2015 7:53 pm
I don't think I do. When I moved into the place the building super mentioned that the walls still needed to be repainted and the floors cleaned. The apartment had been empty for a little while I think. The building super for the other apartment said that the walls needed to be painted and some holes patched and he wasn't sure if the carpets needed to be cleaned still or just vacuumed. I think it's just part of their process... I think I would just get dinged for any damages to the walls and carpet and kitchen/bathroom...
TheGremlyn on Fri Mar 06, 2015 12:45 am
Congratulations! Now your poor brain can take a little vacation before 'filling' the new place.
standready on Fri Mar 06, 2015 8:48 pm

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