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New Chapter in my Life? Part 1

So another year and another rental increase. The joys of renting apartments. Not that I really mind that much but it makes me thing... where do I draw the line before what I'm paying for my current place doesn't make sense?

I live in a 625 sq ft apartment, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom. I signed with a rent of $865 a month (inclusive so I don't really have to worry about heat and hydro fluctuations). Then my rent increased to $871.92 a month. Now it has gone up to $885.87 a month.

I have my bedroom with bedroom things in it. Then my kitchen with kitchen things... bathroom with bathroom things. But my living room is a cross between dining, entertainment and office as well as pet things. I feel crowded and I start to feel like maybe I've outgrown this place. I mean, I moved with with not much more than a bed and have since bought my couch, desk, tv stand... So I have 'things' now.

Anyway, I started looking at kijiji ads to see what was out there, to see what I could have in the future. I saw an amazing 1 bedroom apartment that was 1000 sq ft and it was $1200 inclusive. I thought it looked amazing! I saw the ad the next day form when it was posted and a couple days later I replied to it to see when it was available, what building access was like, etc, etc. The reply back was not entirely unexpected. They had already managed to rent the place in such a short period.

So I looked around some more. I checked out the company I rent from as there is my building and one to the left and another to the right. I knew the 7 story complex to the right only have junior 1 bedrooms so I was not even thinking about that. But I knew my building would have 2 bedroom units and I knew the 14 story building to my left also had 2 and 3 bedroom units. They almost always have ads floating around and one was recently posted for 2 bedroom units but they didn't like the price.

I replied to that ad asking after prices and I was told they have units with un-renovated kitchens for $1035 a month inclusive and the units with renovated kitchens for $1095 a month inclusive. I asked if I could see an example of each this past Friday as I had that day off. So 10am Friday I was meeting with one of the building superintendents and we saw a couple units.

This building faces North and South and my building faces East and West. I like facing East because I get the morning sun and then the sun disappears towards the afternoon behind another building and I don't have to worry too much about how hot it will be in the summer. So, facing East I have a view overlooking the courtyard. In order to keep looking over the courtyard I needed to see units on the South side of this building. Now, with this taller building a part of the West end looks at the side of my apartment building so if I want a better view of the courtyard I need to look at units more to the East. (My building is perpendicular to the taller, see my poor layout of the centre below - 14 story building, my building then the other building)

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