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New Phone

Well, I gave up and traded my Q10 in for a BlackBerry Classic. Not too much different. The specs on the website were a little off. Yes the height was a significant enough increase but the website made it seem like the width and depth would remain the same but it seems the phone was a tiny bit wider.

They had BlackBerry branded rubber covers so I got that. Before I had a no-name cover and I liked it. I also got the holster but it seems I can't have the sleeve on at the same time otherwise the phone gets stuck in the holster. I'd feel better with the sleeve on though so I guess I'll have to find some way to break in the holster.

Navigation is essentially the same but I feel a bit clumsy with the track-pad button thing. I've never liked those but I could see it being a bit more useful, especially when you're writing a long email or post or message to a friend. The BlackBerry button is just another way of bringing up the settings in a given app, rather than swiping from the side. The back button also makes it easier to navigate like if you're in a web browser. I've only had my phone ring once since I got it but the answer and hangup button give my brain a break so I don't have a moment where I can't figure out which way is left! Trust me, I accidentally hung up on my manager when she called cause my brain died and I swiped right instead of left!

I'm not as impressed with the battery life. When I got the Q10 the battery lasted for about 2 days. Now it just makes it through the day and I have to plug it in to charge it at night. The battery is fully integrated and you can't take the back off any more and I guess that's okay. I think that prompted me to get the added protection through Telus in case anything happens to the phone, then I just have to page less than $50 to have it replaced.

I like the camera and the added panorama feature. I know Apple had that for awhile and Android and Windows phones also probably had it before them! The photos are once again crisp and clear and I'm happy about that! For some reason the photo quality on my Q10 just degraded over time but I expect the same will happen with the Classic as well...

I'll also say the speakers on the Q10 started to crap out on me, that was something I never mentioned before. It was almost impossible to hear my phone ring sometimes. The speakers on the Classic are split so I have two at either side instead of on and that might make a difference in the long run. I usually leave my phone in vibrate mode so the speakers aren't going to factor in too much over the next 2 years. I will say the vibrate seems a bit stronger as I can definitely feel it going off in my pocket or through my coat!

Funny, I never fancied myself a BlackBerry user or fan-girl. With the new OS it's just made it more appealing. The keyboard is the biggest draw on top of that as I really rely on that tactile feedback. The side is a bit different so I'll need some time to adjust. I just really like these phones... I don't really find them lacking too much. While I can't have every app in the world it's not that big of a deal (considering I have an iPad and iPod Touch... Smile ). The only thing that really stands out if when a friend tags me in some gif or something from reddit. For some reason that just will never load.

Anyway, love the phone. Glad I got it. My bank account would say otherwise though Very Happy

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Congratulations on the 'crack'berry. laugh ? Might want to try some baby powder in the holster to help with 'break-in'.
standready on Thu Feb 05, 2015 6:00 pm
Congratulations on your new phone Blackberry Classic.
cybersa on Thu Feb 05, 2015 7:29 pm
Hehe, CrackBerry. I kind of laugh whenever I do a search related to BlackBerry and that site comes up.
TheGremlyn on Thu Feb 05, 2015 10:17 pm
Well done! You got it. By the sounds of it it's an excellent phone.

The battery thing seems to be a really big problem with all of the smart phones who are trying to get a marketing edge with new bells and whistles. They have also exhausted all other design features to reduce battery power. I wish someone could come out with a different way of doing batteries. I'm almost certain he/she would become an instant billionaire!
deanhills on Fri Feb 06, 2015 8:23 pm

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