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Pondering New Phone

Since I was looking at this for about an hour last night.

My BlackBerry Q10... I love it. I love the keyboard. I love how easy it is to navigate. I signed up for a 3 year contract and that's over on the 10 of May 2016. So over a year left... So having owned the phone for almost 2 years without issue... past couple months I noticed around the same time that I was experiencing a double typing issue and it was restarting on a fairly frequent basis. The double typing issues I chalked up to myself and assumed, because it happened so infrequently, that it was just my fault. After a while it has been happening more and more and I often have to spend more and more time trying to backtrack and remove the double letter or number. As for the restarts, my phone could be lying flat and untouched and it may restart on its own.

I decided to go right for the full restore of the phone but that didn't help. The issues have just gotten worse and worse. I also tried my friend's suggestion and cleared out my SD card memory but it's been restarting still and the double typing hasn't gone away. On the but last night my phone restarted twice in a row, one right after the other.

So I heard that another BlackBerry phone was out there... the Classic.

The classic looks fairly similar to the Q10 but it's got those 'classic' buttons you saw on the curves and bolds but navigation is still through the touch screen. The phone has a tiny bit more height but otherwise it's not much different than the Q10.

I priced it out online and the phone, without a term, costs $550. With a 2 year terms is $50 up front. This is much cheaper than other phones from Apple and Samsung as those want upwards for $200 for theirs. In order to get the phone the plan you go on has to be a minimum of $70 a month.

My plan has something like 300 daytime minutes and 300mb of data at tier 1 (it goes up to 550mb and then maybe up to 750mb before I get dinged so much per mb used). When I keep it at its most basic my month fill is something like $67.80. Whenever I go up the next level on my data plan I end up paying $84.75. That happens more often than I'd like because I get alllll my email and notifications on my phone and often view them there.

So I can't use my existing plan since it's below the $70 mark so I have to 'choose my own.' This lets me select how many minutes I want of if it's unlimited or long distance, etc. I don't talk much so I chose 300 daytime minutes. Then came data. 300mb, 750mb 1.5gb, 3gb... etc.

With a 750mb data plan my monthly bill would be $84.75. Hey, that looks very similar to what I normally end up paying, except I'd get 250mb on top of that!

With a 1.5gb data plan I'd be looking at $90.40. Hmm. Very tempting for a couple extra bucks. I assume I'd never go over that!

It's hard to get a great visual idea of how much data I've used... It seems the past 2 months I haven't gone over 300mb but three months ago I used over 500mb it seems. 750mb would probably work well for me if my usage is light. 1.5gb and I'd be getting a little on a greedy side of things and I might try and find ways of using all that data and suddenly find myself accidentally going over!

Anyway, as for the phone it would cost $67.80 after tax. I looked up trade in values of my Q10 and I could get $65 for it... that would mean it has to be in good working order. The evil in me just wants to pretend like I'm getting bored with it and that's why I want to get a new phone... hmm... so evil!

Right now I'd be looking at paying off a device balance of $222.64 on my next bill... Small pain point? I mean, I don't think it has ever been realistic to think a phone could last 3 years! 2 is far more realistic and people come out with new phones every year! Waiting for the chance to upgrade kills when you have to wait so long when the phone you want is out right now!

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Why don't you contact Blackberry directly and explain what is going on with your Q10 and not happy with over a year left on a contract? They should do something especially if you say your next phone won't be a Blackberry.
standready on Tue Jan 27, 2015 5:34 pm
I agree with you TG. I'd bite the bullet. You tried everything you could to fix it yourself. Go for the upgrade. Which is probably what they have been hoping for anyway when the model came out. I'm almost certain with most phones and devices these days there's an obsolescence period built into them.

My friend at work has a Blackberry and swears by it - he will never change. So I think once you're on one, it's the best one for what you are used to. I'd go for my instincts if I were you.
deanhills on Wed Jan 28, 2015 11:30 am
I just really want the keyboard! I like the tactile feedback and I can tell, by the feel, what I've typed or haven't. I mean the shift and alt buttons took a bit to get the hand of as I've rather they were reversed so they're just like a REAL keyboard. I just can't go to a touch screen phone. Apple seems nice... I have an iPad and iPod touch but to use it as a phone... I'm not so sure... Not to mention I have an iPod touch and I would look even weirder if I pull one device out and then pull another one out that looks almost identical! As for Android... my first Android phone wasn't anything special and it was my first smartphone and I didn't have a lot of money. Maybe that was part of the problem but the phone didn't last! It started to get really slow and typing was a nightmare! I don't know... I just like the BlackBerry OS right now. I know I could never handle the older BlackBerry phones (Bolds and Curves etc). I had to deal with those throughout the migrations of our mail system and they were not intuitive, in my opinion.
TheGremlyn on Wed Jan 28, 2015 3:35 pm

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