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The Animal Update

Well, Mynx still tends to be my favourite kitty although Luna has been a bit better and is putting herself out there. I think she senses I'm worried about her being too shy and weird.

Basically whenever I got to bed (even if it's not to sleep but to read or watch Netflix) Mynx will hop on up and take a spot right up next to me. She does this when I sleep and she's there almost all the way through the night. It's like she's saying "My human is going to bed so I must be there with her to make sure she's safe." God knows when I have a bad dream I like to reach out and I feel relieved when she's there. Helps me get back to sleep.

Luna has been a pretty good sport. I never ever hear her meow so I have no idea what she sounds like. I just get these... quiet little hums from her. Usually she makes those when she's headed my way. A few times she's hopped up on my lap demanding pets. Other time she just wants to lie down on the desk next to me. I noticed soon enough that, when Luna was on the bed with me, Mynx would not come into the room. She gave me the dirtiest look from the door! It's sort of the same, when Mynx is in the room Luna stays out or Mynx charges after her.

Then we have Eve. I kind of realized she's 7 years old. I think I've had Lil Squee for 4 years. I don't have any recent photos of fatty pig but I do have Eve. I'm semi in a panic because of her age so I've taken some time to get newer pictures of her. She did get her hair cut not that long ago so she's less of a mop. She's still a sweetheart and completely into eating carpets apparently.

Then there's just cats being cats. We have Mynx being me a very dirty look because it's about 10pm and she hasn't had anything to eat since 11am when I left for work. Then there's Mynx in her spot on my bed. Lastly we have Luna chilling by the kitchen sink, completely unconcerned when I approached her. Usually she runs off. I have to say, she's not that good of a jumper as she makes the loudest noise when her back legs hit the cupboard doors below.

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They're awesome photos TG. All of them. The green eyes of both Mynx and Luna are amazing. Looks as though Eve is growing gray? Seven years must be getting on in age for her. Very Happy
deanhills on Sat Jan 17, 2015 4:06 pm
Thank you for the update, L. "Mop" is looking good for 7! Mynx and Luna are as cute as ever. Like how they do/don't get along come bed time.
Sounds like Squee needs to use the wheel more often.
standready on Sat Jan 17, 2015 4:56 pm

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