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Human Behaviours

My friend and I stopped by the on campus pub for a drink and I was having my lunch before heading back to work to finish my shift (by lunch it was more like dinner). We were immediately welcomed, generically, as IT. We're sort of regulars and they have some good staff at this place (student workers), very friendly and they kinda know what you like when you walk in.

We grabbed a table (I got the cushioned bench cause my friend is a gentleman Wink ) and ordered our drinks. I noticed dream boy was off sitting somewhere else maybe doing school work (he also works at the pub but I assumed he had finished his shift).

I had to laugh when my perogies were ready because the girl that took the order told the cook "IT, table 8!" I told my friend that's not something I'd announce so loud with a flock of students waiting to pay! Razz My friend joked that if they swarmed us with tech issues they would have to buy us a drink for every issue or every piece of malware we find on their systems. I reminded him that most have at least 200 detectable items these days so he just did this --> Shocked

Around this time dream boy made his way over to talk to us. My friend is a talker (one of those that can say just about anything and keep things lively). He was talking about Birdman or something and you can watch it on some site?? He said it was the guy who originally played Batman. After his story he said we both have to watch it so I told him he had to email me or something cause I'd forget. I said I have a fish brain and then I felt something knock my ponytail and I realized dream boy had walk off behind me where the other table was.

I didn't say or do anything except raised an eyebrow at my friend. Sometime later I asked him what happened and my friend laughed, thinking to himself "when is she going to ask about that? Right after it happens, 5 minutes from now, 10 minutes from now?"

My friend just said it's that thing you do when you know someone. I'd assume the same thing if I saw it happen to someone else, but it also comes off as a playful gesture. Add in that the last time I walked into the pub and he was working he said "Hey, how's it going Sweetheart?" My friend said I stand out, I'm different, an enigma (in a good way, he added hastily Razz).

This stuff just gets part of my brain working to try and understand these human behaviours and what it all means and what I should/could do. My friend thought the guy was sweet on me before with the looks he kept giving me and how much time he spent chatting at our table when we came in. I can usually figure it out when I see it happen to other people but not when it happens to me. I'm super clumsy with this stuff.

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Way to go, 'fish' brain! I hope Mynx does not try it for lunch. :laugh:
Which reminds me - we need an update on all your animals.
standready on Fri Jan 16, 2015 10:32 pm
Human behaviour can be strange. I'm sure you'll get an opportunity again to talk to the guy.

I'm with Stand. Looking for an update on all the pets. Very Happy
deanhills on Fri Jan 16, 2015 10:48 pm
The animal update, as requested Smile

I've got another I'm planning on doing about all the new loose leaf teas I've recently purchased. It's just taking a while to get them up on Tumblr. I find I can't reference pictures from facebook any more. They don't seem to display at all.
TheGremlyn on Sat Jan 17, 2015 1:24 am

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