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Grey's Anatomy

I've been power watching my way through this show on Netflix. I'd seen the first few seasons years ago when it came out. I sometimes watched the episodes on TV and other times I just borrowed the DVD sets my sister bought.

I'm on season 9 right now, getting close to season 10 and I think I'll have to wait a bit as I believe there's a season 11. There are a number of characters that have just bothered me so much, and continue to bother me. I'm talking about Meredith and Izzie, even George. Meredith sometimes seems like she's all over the place and her character changed a lot to fit the plot of the episodes. George was okay for a bit but then he sort of... went crazy or something. His moral compass, the man he seemed to be was suddenly gone. I've never liked Izzie because of how emotional her character is.

I think Alex Karev has been fairly consistent so I actually like his character. For the most part you just had no idea who he was or what he was about, his past. You were in the dark. But later in the seasons you found out the kind of life he lived, what he endured growing up.

For the majority of the earlier seasons I liked Miranda Bailey but lately she's lost her edge. She's been corrupted by the silliness of the other characters. It's unfortunate because she was a great character.

I don't mind Christina's character but I found her relationship with Burke to be a little... awkward? Boring? The interactions were interesting and I found I was able to relate to Christina. I mean, she never really talked about how she felt but I could see what was going on with her. To me she seemed to be wearing her emotions on her sleeve but it seemed the characters in the show could never see it, but I understood how she felt and what was going on.

This leads me to how much I liked the later relationship with Christina Yang and Owen Hunt. I mean it started out really quick but they seemed to work. I mean, it was clear that Owen had babies on the brain and Christina isn't that type that... works with kids. I mean she's great with kids and you saw that more in the show when Meredith and Derek adopted a baby girl. That was part of what drove a wedge between the pair because Christina said she didn't want kids but she's great with them.

As time went on they tried couples counselling but that didn't really seem to help much. Christina went through a phase where she was convinced Owen was cheating on her and you would watch as she pretends to sleep in bed when Owen comes home late. Or how she'd go through the pockets of his discarded clothes looking for some hint that he'd been somewhere, she'd poked through his phone looking for texts, etc. I think I could relate because I'd felt like that before. I could recognize and relate to the situation and maybe that's why I keep watching the show, for actors that have a strong character like that.

Aside from that wonderful little part... I'm annoyed with recent events. On top of the characters suffering through shared traumatic events (Meredith helping to remove an unexploded rocket from someone's chest, Izzie getting cancer and almost dying, George getting shmucked by a bus and dying, Meredith's mom having Alzheimers and making bigs scenes and then eventually dying, Meredith almost drowning because she was depressed and kind of gave up trying to swim, shooting in the hospital where lots of people dyed or were shot). The most recent event was a plane crash that resulted in the crushing death of Meredith's half sister and the eventual death of Mark Sloan (they called what happened to him a surge where he seemed to recover quickly was his injuries but he eventually crashed and was on life support for 30 days and died). Derek's hand was mangled and it took some time to rebuild it. Arizona Robbins eventually lost her leg (after the crash her femur was broke and exposed and there was a great deal of infection). Meredith was injured but not too badly. Christina had a dislocated shoulder and did her best to try and keep Mark alive but she broke down a bit...

Well basically it was determined that the hospital they worked at was responsible since Owen, the chief of surgery, signed off on the company they flew with (they actually have a pretty bad rep). They each got 15 million each and the hospital was basically going to close down until they managed to buy it, with the help of the Harper Avery Foundation. So now the hospital is basically run by Derek, Meredith, Christina, Arizona, Callie, and Jackson Avery (Harper Avery's' grandson). Anyways, everyone was pissed at Jackson even though that leadership role was dumped on him by his mother. Nothing was achieved that day because everyone was too busy trying to fight and blame jackson (including Miranda and just about everyone else in the hospital).

For the most part I feel like most of these people are children. Not adults. I seriously wonder how anything gets done in that hospital.

On another note I was pondering the show in general, or how it was written. I kind of feel like they make a lot happen in one episode to multiple characters. Maybe they drag that over a couple episodes but I feel things would be easier to keep track of and follow if you had one mini arch to follow. Instead you're usually watching 2 or 3 characters running around with their issues and their conversations involve blurting out their issues and not hearing what the other person is saying. Izzie had commented on that when Meredith and Christina carried out two one sided conversations and it seemed they didn't hear what the other person said.

I feel like very few characters know how to talk and it makes it hard to get to know them when it seems like they're talking about nothing.

Another bit that bothers me about this show is there doesn't seem to be any concept of time. You don't get any seasonal changes in the show (it doesn't exactly snow a lot in Seattle apparently). The don't seem to throw up any decorations or anything to show if it's halloween or christmas or valentine's day. I mean I've seen it a couple times throughout the series but it just needs to be subtle. I was blown away when someone said "it's been a month" and I just stared at the screen. I feel like ER did a better job of this. They showed the snow, the change in the trees, when it was halloween, valentines, other holidays and events. It felt like there was a timeline in that show. I don't get that same sense of time in Grey's Anatomy.

Anyways, this was a lengthy rant about this show. Enjoy!

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I haven't been watching the show seriously, more by accident on MBC4 in the Middle East as it coincided with my dinner time - and easy to watch now and then. I had to go refresh the faces with the characters in Wikipedia. Also am far from up to date on them all. I must say there were times when the drama felt absurd and over the top. But there were some characters I liked. Alex Karev is a like. Miranda Bailey was refreshingly direct at some point until she got corrupted as you said. Christina I never really got to like. Strange character. Owen looked pretty human though. Relieved when they parted ways. The Burke Meredith drama also puzzled me at time. Rather liked Izzie - Katherine Heigl for me is a great actress. Also very believable character except for how her final exit unfolded. And then she returned? Bizarre!

Seems to have survived for many seasons. Must have kept you busy though to work through all of the episodes.
deanhills on Sun Dec 14, 2014 9:43 am
Good grief, TG, tell us what you really think of the show. laugh
I watched most of the first season and then lost interest. Awkward writing stopped me. How it survived is beyond me?
standready on Mon Dec 15, 2014 3:36 am
All that drama. That's how it survived. There's a big crowd out there that must love it! I can't stand it! It makes no sense and it's happening all the time! And no one really knows how to carry on a conversation and pass information. They're in doing surgery and most of the time they're talking about sex and relationships and bad childhoods. Good grief!
TheGremlyn on Tue Dec 16, 2014 1:47 am
I noticed that too in surgery. And wondering about the poor bloke who was under the knife. Also whether subconsciously he is listening to the conversation. Razz
deanhills on Tue Dec 16, 2014 10:43 pm
There was an episode where Derek Shepard was operating on a guy's brain and he was a super cheerful guy and loved Christmas. Derek was being a Scrooge during the surgery and when they got out the patient was just so grumpy and yelling and telling his family to leave him alone! So when they went back in to fix something Derek was a bit better and they played Christmas music. When they got out of surgery the patient went back to normal.
TheGremlyn on Wed Dec 17, 2014 1:54 am
Haha .... haven't seen those episodes. So there must be a general "in sync" wavelength then. Very Happy
deanhills on Wed Dec 17, 2014 7:12 pm

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