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The Epic Tale of Boots

In the cold of night, after many days of hard labour, the service desk analyst was rewarded with riches beyond your wildest dreams! Collecting her bounty she sought the great temple that held a relic that would see her warm and walking among kings and clouds. The relic was known as boots, though none had laid eyes upon them in generations.

Planning her trip carefully she mapped a route that would see her safely to the temple. The first part of her journey saw her sanding in the cold until a great machine known as a bus pulled up before her. Many strange people road this bus one strange wheels that seemed to sway and rumble beneath her as she took a seat nearest the back. This first portion was short and soon she was deposited at a terminal where other buses arrived and departed.

Of all the buses there was only one that would bring her close to the temple and the relic, it was called Route 7. Clearly number 7 brought great luck so she wasted no time in climbing aboard and sitting through a longer journey. The bus took her a great distance from her home and the terminal structure, over great hills and through deep valleys.

The service desk analyst had time to observe the strange rituals of those that wished to depart. When the bus spoke an person would pull a thin yellow cord and the bus would chime in response; it was clear this ritual was pleasing to the great bus for it stopped shortly after and one was able to depart. When the bus spoke of a destination she sought she mimicked this strange ritual and was rewarded with that pleasing chime. The bus stopped shortly after and she departed into the cold.

The path was dark except those spots illuminated by a great light from above. She walked a short distance and soon faced a great peril. Smaller machines, similar to the bus, that moved on smaller wheels, criss-crossed her path in fairly regular intervals but it was difficult to decipher the intentions of such machines. Thankfully there seemed to be a colour patter that marked when the machines would move in certain directions as well as a signal that guide travellers down a narrow path with a white line on either side.

When the signal presented itself she moved between the white lines, watchful of the machines that moved around her. She made it safely to the next corner and awaited the next interval. When the signal presented itself she moved quickly between the white lines but the lights of one of the great machines flashed to her side as it roared towards her! Fearful of the machine she dashed out of the way and narrowly missed being struck by the machine.

Shaken but in one piece and safely at the next corner she continued her journey up a mountain. There was a path that lead off to the left and she took it but was soon struck by despair! There were many temples before her with little to separate one from another. She walked along these temples, seeking out one that would hold the relic she sought. Soon enough she found signs to guide her to the temple she sought and the relic.

Upon entering she met a monk who welcomed her to the temple and asked her to sit and rest from her journey. She spoke of her journey in detail, relaying her trials. The monk listened and nodded and soon moved off through the temple, promising her a great prize for her journey. When he returned he held the relic known as boots. He offered to help put them on her feet. When the boots had been secured she stood and felt the chill from her feet being chased off. When she walked her step was light.

She smiled and exchanged some of her bounty with the monk and thanks him before departing. The journey home was much easier now as the boots seemed to empower her. Soon she was safe at home and she had the boots to admire before setting them aside.

Behold! The Boots! Hope you enjoyed the corny story!

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A story and boots - very cool! One playhouse (boot) for Squee and one for mop! laugh
standready on Fri Dec 05, 2014 11:45 pm
Lovely story! Really enjoyed it. Boots look awesome. Cool
deanhills on Sat Dec 06, 2014 4:23 am
Nice story and good boots!
rx9876 on Sat Dec 06, 2014 5:39 am

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