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The New Bed - Part 2

Probably should highlight how sore my bank account was after spending that much in such a short period of time...

Mattress - $449.00 (was $699.99)
Sheet Set - $39.97 (cause who doesn't need new sheets for a new mattress?)
Pillows!!! x2 - $29.99 -> $59.98

Bed Frame - $229.00
Slats - $50.00
Midbeam - $20.00

Frame was definitely cheaper... All totally worth it! Should last a looooong time!

So... now that I'd gotten the frame home I had my helper on standby - Mynx

The instructions say you need 2 people to put this together, Mynx clearly counts Smile

Well, I emptied out all the pieces and organized them a bit to make it easier.

I think I started assembling the frame at around 7:30pm and I threw on some Family Guy for some noise and I attempted to follow the instructions. I only ran into a couple issues in the beginning because the images didn't show the finer details of some of the pieces so I wasn't sure which way they were supposed to go. Thankfully someone had a video online of how to assemble white version of the bed.

Part of why you'd need two people for the above part had to do with the two long side pieces. I managed to overlap some of the pieces under them to hold them up while I secured them. How I managed to do some of that without putting holes in the walls or damaging my computer on the trunk I'll never know... great spacial awareness?

Anyways, I had to deal with a number of tedious, tiny pieces to get the drawers together and the guy in the video made it sound like you had to tilt the bend up on its side to get the drawers in but they clearly exaggerated. The drawers, for the most part, went together quickly and I popped them in. Considering where I'd placed the bed it kind of sucked having to shift the frame away from the far wall to get those two drawers in.

Now, there was a part in the assembly video I was watching that indicated these thin little pieces of metal would be very tricky to attach. You can sort of see them in the above picture as they're the only things that are on angles. I was anticipating trouble but... they just sort of... attached... I was kind of relieved but then I started to question the people who had issues assembling these beds...


Hey look! I finished my bed! And it's 11:30pm! I think I'm working the morning shift... Sad Basically I watched all of season 1 of Family Guy and the first 5 episodes from season 2. That's how long this took.

During the assembly when I was putting the midbeam on I had two heights to choose from. The video recommended the lower level but I wanted height so I set it so the mattress would sit about 2 inches just below the top edge of the bed. The lower level would have set it about 5 inches below the top... Not sure if that makes sense but it's what the slats sit on at either side and in the middle.

Anyways, look! My feet can't touch the ground! Love it!!

I may have also purchased a new nightstand with about the same colouring and it goes well with the bed. With the bed so high my old nightstand seemed small and a little too low. The new one is at a much better height and its bigger and has two nice drawers. There's also a space underneath for my powerbar and cables and stuff... My bedroom feels complete! I honest never wanted to get out of bed and when I came home I just hopped right on!

Oh yea... I've only put stuff in one of the drawers... I weeded through the clothes in my dresser and gave away stuff I hadn't worn in a long time and put the rest in the one drawer. It's not full by any means. Now I have 3 other drawers I can put stuff in. I've had the bed for almost a month and I haven't really figured out what I could put in there... Maybe if I had spare bedding for myself and guests... and I could put towels in there... I'm sure I'll figure it out some day.

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That's awesome TG. Amazing how you put it together single handedly. Very resourceful, and yes great spatial perception. If I may ask, what were the brands of the parts that you purchased? Particularly the frame and the mattress. I may be moving in months to come. And may try this out myself. Love the colours as well. Those drawers are great. Space saver. I'll probably have the bed a little lower though. Just in case I get home intoxicated. Although I guess one could then head for the couch.

Oops .... didn't realize there was a Part 1 with all of the answers to my question. Well done TG! Cool
deanhills on Mon Nov 24, 2014 7:55 pm
That is fantastic, TG. Added storage space has to be a plus!
standready on Mon Nov 24, 2014 8:19 pm
I feel like such a kid when I get to hop up onto the bed. Just a little hop. But I still go back to that head space, that time, when I was tiny and everything else was huge. I'm not sure Luna appreciates the height since she's not the greatest jumper. That's why she comes into the room at 3am and gives one big meow! Mynx likes it, she always likes jumping up onto things.
TheGremlyn on Sun Nov 30, 2014 4:02 pm

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