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The New Bed - Part 1

So, quite a bit happened that made getting a new bed possible without completely breaking the bank! First, our re-banding appeal was approved AND there was a bit of retroactive pay in there! As I get paid on a monthly basis I had a good chunk of change and evil plans for it. Twisted Evil

For quite some time I've had issues with my bed. I mean, I didn't have anything amazing before. I was using my old futon frame that I got when I was probably still in high school. I also used a queen size mattress that belonged to my first boyfriend's parents.

This is what it looked like:

It should be known I have to squish the mattress onto the frame and about a foot of the mattress hangs over the side.

It probably took about half an hour to dismantle the futon frame and shove the old mattress out of the room. What I ended up buying was this 10 inch Greenfirst memory foam mattress (it was still there AND on sale!!). My friend helped me get the mattress in the afternoon and I unpacked it and left it expand all day while I was at work. When I came home I set it up, Bachelor style, on the floor and I think Mynx had a bit of fun with that.

The following weekend, after reviewing bed frames from IKEA another friend offered to drive (he really likes IKEA). It was a good drive up and we fumbled with GPS to get there (we had a general idea of what roads to take). We toured around and I had a few beds in mind. I wanted a headboard and footboard and a coworker said they liked the idea of a slanted headboard.

I like this one because of the colour and it has the slanted back -

I also liked this one because of the look of the headboard and footboard -

When I saw the slanted headboard bed I realized I'd need another foot of space in my room to accommodate the bed and I was wary of of the headboard hitting the wall or breaking over time. The other bed I thought was a little... flimsy. We toured around the bedroom furniture area for a bit and I had a look at some other bed frames and I kind of liked the idea of a bed with drawers underneath. Also, dropping the defined head and foot of the bed would make it easier to move around my room.

Ultimately I went with this bed -

Now that I'd found the bed of choice it was just a matter of understanding how to GET the bed. I've never been to IKEA before so this was an interesting experience... I also may have felt some anxiety at being surrounded by so many people!!!

It seemed IKEA was pretty busy so it took a while for us to get a big ol' cart to carry the boxes for the end. One of the boxes was about 7 feet long (any longer and it wouldn't have fit in my friend's 4 door hatchback! So 3 heavy boxes later, a midbeam, a set of wooden slats and a slightly singed pocket later I had the frame!

Once we got everything in the car this was my view:

The funniest thing my friend ended up saying - "And the only thing I can't see in the car is you." Smile

Also... I either spent the 1.5 to 2 hour car ride sitting upright but with my head at a 45 degree angle (or 35?) or I could sit hunched forwards with a straight neck! I chose to sit forward...

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The mattress looks PERFECT! Like the idea of a bed adjusting to the contours of one's body instead of the other way round. Would never have thought the frame was from IKEA. Amazing how you got to transport it yourself. When I checked your bed, I initially liked the headboard until I noticed the "storage space" and then understood what you meant with the extra space. Sort of a weird design any way. I like my bed snug against the wall, including head board. If I may ask, where did you get the pillows from? Look the absolute right size for the bed as well. Cool
deanhills on Mon Nov 24, 2014 8:10 pm
I found those pillows from JYSK. They're also from Greenfirst. I think they had 3 different sizes and I went with the queen size while my friend picked up a standard size. They're still pretty fluffy after a month of using them. I kind of want to get a couple more. I love pillows Very Happy
TheGremlyn on Sun Nov 30, 2014 3:58 pm
Thanks for the link TG. I've had my pillows for MUCH too long. Will see whether I can order them online.

NOPE. Canada only. Will pick a few up during my next visit.
deanhills on Sun Nov 30, 2014 10:05 pm

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