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Schedule Rotations Once More

Well, the academic year has started up again. Resnet has been a pretty big disaster once more. I don't know why they decided to change stuff since they got it working great last year. Now the access points in the room are restricted so only one of the 4 ethernet ports works, whereas last year I believe they all worked. The wifi portion is still pretty unstable and people are going from internet access to no internet access frequently. Obviously no everyone but enough to bother me. I don't want them calling us. It was so quiet last year.

As for schedules, we rotate once more. The schedule is kind of like this:

A Shift (coordinator aka not a real person)
Mon-Fri 8am to 4pm

F Shift
Sun 10am to 6pm
Mon Thur 8am to 4pm

E Shift
Sun-Wed 10am to 6pm
Sat 10am to 6pm

C Shift
Mon-Thur 12pm t0 8pm
Fri 8am to 4pm

D Shift
Mon-Thur 2pm to 10pm
Fri 10am to 6pm

B Shift
Tue Thur (alt campus) 9am to 5pm
Wed Fri-Sat 10am to 6pm

I started the D shift. We finally got a new guy in to park himself on the E shift so he's always surrounded by us. He doesn't have all his tools so he's a body but he can't do much. He's at least not afraid to dive in and he'll hopefully pick things up quickly.

I don't mind the late shift so much. I don't have to get up early. Don't have to stress about going to bed early. What stresses me out is going the day thinking "I have to go to work soon".

Random side note. We've been sending out email surveys after every ticket is resolved. We just got a random report from our manager about 6 people who responded. Good results. One person said we were not so timely with our responses. A comment on the end wanted people working on the weekend during the summer... During the summer when basically no one is on campus... AH! PEOPLE! With this department it takes one or two people to completely mess us up. Last time it was having extended hours (hence crazy schedule). Now we have someone who wants a person to work on the weekend and be bored our of their mind. I really hope we don't do that. We have the craziest hours compared to other helps desks and I bet they don't do as much as we do. Level one here is ridiculous. When I started it was kind of intense. Now I couldn't image started here again and trying to pickup the amount of stuff we deal with. More and more people just have issues and those issues should really be addressed so they stop happening.

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So you say you don't have to get up early? I am sure that Mynx will disagree. FEED ME!! laugh
standready on Tue Sep 09, 2014 4:21 pm
I'd hate to do the D shift. Would interfere with my dinner time. Razz

The F Shift looks great to me! Cool
deanhills on Tue Sep 09, 2014 9:12 pm
Mynx has been pretty darn vocal in the morning. If I don't wake up on my own she makes sure I don't sleep in. I recently rearranged my room so she's been sitting on my dresser in the corner of the room and she just meows from there. I also have my bari sax case set upright next to that and sometimes I crack my eye open and she's sitting up on that. She just looks at me and meows loudly if I make eye contact. Luna hasn't been that quiet either. She has a softer meow and sometimes she comes in and jumps on the bed and walks up to me and sticker her nose in my face, sniffing.
TheGremlyn on Thu Sep 11, 2014 3:52 pm
Stereo kitties alarm! Too funny but then I don't have hear them.
standready on Thu Sep 11, 2014 11:15 pm

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