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Nasty Dream #2

A few days ago I had a dream where my sister, brother and I were outside. We were sort of in town and walking about along the sidewalks and we had a similar look. We were caught between sad and... something else.

We would walk along and someone would pass us, drive by us, or we would pause to peer into a window of a house we passed.

I noticed that anyone we saw looked very much like my mom. As I took a close look I would see something that was not quite right. Sometimes it was their eyes, the hair, their lips or the shape of their face, something how tall they were, how plump they were.

Ever woman I walked by looked like her but each time it was never her. She never recognized me, she just kept on but she smiled at me like the way mom would smile at me.

I was desperate...

When I finally woke up I just felt like crap. I wanted to cry and I couldn't. I wanted to stay home but I had to go to work. I was only glad that it was a WIG day so I could close myself in a room and work quietly.

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Must make one feel totally powerless to change things.
deanhills on Sat Aug 09, 2014 10:10 am
I don't see that either dream is that 'nasty. Unpleasant sure but you were bot physically hurt.
standready on Sat Aug 09, 2014 11:31 pm
I lost my mother in June.
I can feel your pain, too.

My mother got very sick in April, and the doctor revived her with CPR in 5 minutes.
However, she could not talk sense or sit up by her own anymore,
and the doctor said it's Delirium which trapped her in illusion.

These illnesses made her could not take care herself,
so we had to keep her company 24 hours a day in hospital.
On the day she left us, I'm the only one at her side.
The life left her body with human eye measurable speed, and her pain was, too.

It's never easy to accept my mother is no longer in my life,
I cried whenever I missing her or packing up her stuffs,
so the progress is delayed very much,
and I postponed it several times to avoid seeing her stuffs.

However, it's better for her to leave,
because she was suffering every minutes since she got ill.

Maybe you could think this way, too.
They rests in peace, and we should move on,
at least our mothers would not like us to be like this.

Hope we could feel we are loved when we thinking about our mothers in the future.
The pain passes, and love remains.
rx9876 on Mon Aug 11, 2014 5:07 am

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