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Have You Called...

It was basically the end of the day at work and I was getting one of my coworkers to give me some feedback about the workstation layout when I took away one of the two monitors when my supervisor comes out.

She asks if I called John... I was confused and she repeated what she said. She actually said I should call John. So I did. He answers (I was really confused as to why he had been trying to call me and why I had to call him back). He said he was basically standing in front of a kitten...

So... apparently he saw it on his way back from one of the buildings when he was migrating. He said he was maybe 5 feet away from it and he didn't want to scare it but he didn't really want to touch it and he didn't know what to do. So I headed out to meet him and I pestered him because he thought it looked sick but he also doesn't know anything about cats! Apparently I'm a cat expert or something because I own two.

Well I found him and I saw the tiny little kitten and it had the tiny little meows! It looked like it was coughing a bit and it looked really small and there was something off about it. It wasn't really afraid of us so I slowly crept forward and stretched my hand out. It sniffed me hand and didn't seem afraid and he wasn't going to run off anytime soon. We were actually near the river so I really hoped he didn't go running off!

After a couple minutes I just scooped up the kitten in one hand and pulled it close to my chest and I just stood there saying "what the heck am I going to do with this cat???"

We walked back to the department, the kitten was squirming a bit and it was clawing me a little with it's tiny kitten claws. I could see it had a facial wound, a little hole. I only saw the one and had no idea what would have done that. I thought that maybe something bit it, my sister later said the bite could have healed but an abscess might have formed and burst. The kitten didn't have a swollen face so... I don't know. Either wait it must have had some kind of infection, something to make it feel weird.

I showed the kitten to my manager, then the big cheese (VP of the department). John found a box to contain the kitten but I went back and showed the kitten to another coworker. Not that long ago we'd seen a grey kitten by the floor to ceiling window by his desk and it ran off when I tried to get a picture of it. He called that one Scout and this one we found looked a lot like him so I said "Hey! We found Scout!"

He thought the kitten was adorable and I made my way around to show the kitten off to another coworker who had just gotten a puppy (8 weeks old). John then informed me his girlfriend would be here soon and they were going to take the kitten. I strongly suggested a vet clinic to get him looked at and then to a humane society for someone to adopt him. While I thought he was cute I could not image the mayhem at my apartment if I had a third cat!!

The hospital they took the kitten to took him on under the name Scout and he would eventually be up for adoption. I half want him but I'd go insane! He'd grow up eventually and I don't have enough chairs on my balcony for myself and three cats.

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Cute little kitty. I don't think Mynx would like more unwanted company taking the master's time away. Squee would say "I'm bigger than you are" to the kitty.
standready on Fri Jul 18, 2014 12:23 am
Great kitten TG. Wonderful story. I'm sure it will get a nice home as it sounds as though it is people OK. Quite surprised it didn't hiss and perform when you approached it. Wonder whether someone has been looking for it?
deanhills on Fri Jul 18, 2014 10:08 am
I don't think it was feeling too well. It was a really small kitten and I think I'd seen it before but it had a lot more energy. Mynx was born in February and we got her around May? June? She was small but this kitten was tiny! It was coughing when we found it and it was skinny and, while it did squirm, it had no real energy. I was told by someone that there are a number of stray cats around there so...
TheGremlyn on Fri Jul 18, 2014 11:37 pm

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