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Canada Day Fireworks

Well I decided I wanted to take some picture of the fireworks I knew we would have sometime yesterday evening. Originally I was going to watch from my balcony but when I was talking to one of my coworkers, who was going to take his kids there, I decided I actually wanted to check out the group playing and then setup shop and take some pictures.

I went to the park where the stage is and it was packed! I stayed around by the edge but since I don't have a zoom lens I had to be a heck of a lot closer. I hate crowds so my anxiety levels were elevated. I took a breath and slipped around through the chairs people brought and found this random empty space! When the group came back and started up I took some pictures and a video. I haven't looked at those and I haven't processed them so you might see those later.

I decided there were only so many pictures I could take and the crowd was getting to me. I packed up and headed for the waterfront, looking for a good spot to setup my tripod and found an empty little corner by a building. Sadly there was a pile of dog poo nearby so it smelled but it was getting darker and almost as many people had settled around the lake.

I've never taken pictures of fireworks before and I'm not a complete natural when it comes to photography so the obvious technique went over my head somehow. The article I read suggested using manual focus, a low ISO to reduce grain, medium to high aperture (he said 13-16 but I may have tried a few with 20). I used my tripod and I think my stock lens is 18-55mm so I used the 18mm focal length so I could see more of the sky. I also used my remote to trigger the shutter and I used the bulb setting so I clicked my remote to open the shutter, then again to close it. They also recommended an exposure time of about 5 seconds but I indulged in 10, 15, 20 and even 30 and 35 second exposures so I captured more fireworks in one shot.

The fruits of my labour (I also installed and used Adobe Lightroom 5 for some quick edits this morning (6am until 7am when I actually had to get ready for work).

Was one here but for some reason it's not displaying...

Another two here but they also are not displaying...

One of my favourites coming up here!

Another that won't show up here...

This next one is also quite fascinating...

This was the last one that won't show up...

This one almost looks like it has a shadow...

This one almost looks like a plant...

This is probably one with a longer exposure...

Towards the end. Really super bright!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really didn't need to adjust this image but I did anyways and it's using roughly the same settings as all the others.

The official finale...

Again, applied same settings to this and it was super bright to begin with!

And I cropped this and made it my cover photo because I like it so much!

3 blog comments below

They are very fascinating pictures.
What a great work.
I would never figure out you had no experiences before.
rx9876 on Thu Jul 03, 2014 2:41 am
You are a natural TG! Those are really great photos. The first one in particular is great. Cool
deanhills on Thu Jul 03, 2014 6:30 am
Are you sure that you are a not pro? Fantastic!
standready on Tue Jul 08, 2014 4:33 am

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