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Can I Motivate Myself?

So it was back when I was at my parents house back in January that I bought that newer XBOX 360 for myself. It was used but the guy said the owner had just gotten it and I guess they really didn't want or like the system. Well it has been working smoothly for me, it occasionally freezes during some games but that has been normal for me... I just wish it would choose better times to do it!

Anyways, it wasn't that long ago that I decided to get the Kinect (motion sensor) and the Fable Kinect game. I have to admit I haven't played that game since the first or second time since the whole magic casting thing was getting a little annoying. You'd go through the whole calibration bit and you think to yourself "man this is awesome" then you get out of that and test out the calibration and you're constantly missing!!!

Anyways (again), I don't know why but I looked at some games on the marketplace to see which ones might get me moving and making better use of this system. I did try Dance Central (a couple demos for the different versions they have that can be purchased through the system). I have to say, I did not get it at all and wasn't getting the moves. I promptly removed those and stopped the other downloads. Then I thought "what about Zumba"? I found a demo for Zumba Fitness Rush and went through two of the songs offered. I did better in one than the other and I figured I'd get the hang of them.

Zumba is pretty great if you can keep up the intensity. It's not really dancing, but it is choreographed routines. Like dance but the moves are mean to really target your muscles and get you moving. Below is the song and the workout routine I'm kind of addicted to because I've been able to figure out the moves a lot quicker. Of course after watching this Zumba trainer I feel I could push myself a hell of a lot harder to really get more out of the routines!

Well, I ended up buying the full Zumba Fiteness Rush game and then I got the other one that is their Core workout game. So the high energy stuff is great but today was a horrible day to try and really get into it! Today has been one of those 28 degrees C feels like 40 degrees C with humidity!!!!!!! I think I managed to give myself heat stroke since I wasn't feeling so great a little later :S

So, to kind of get something to balance the fast paced intense workouts ZUmba offers I looked for some Yoga stuff. I found a "Your Shape" game. This one offers a wide range of activities like jump rope, boot camp, different styles of dance routines, YOGA and other interesting ones like breaking blocks in a certain amount of time and you have to punch and kick them quickly. The yoga was good and it really helps you to develop some form (it's not the greatest since the sensor is a little limited but it's better than nothing). The dance ones look like they go through teaching you the movies, rehearsing the dance and then mixing them up and maybe learning more moves.

Anyways, I'll leave this here for now. We'll see if it's not too hot tomorrow and we'll so some more ZUmba and yoga and break some blocks!

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Looks as though we're on the same wavelength TG. I started jogging for the first time in almost a year this morning. And it took some doing as we have very high temperatures in the Middle East of course. But I got up at 4:30 a.m. Felt very proud of myself. Now for keeping it up. What is that saying in German: Gut begonnen, halb gewonnen. Aller Anfang is Schwer.

Translated. Well begun is half way there. All beginning is difficult. I was thinking it while I was struggling with the jogging - it will take a while and at the point where it gets automatic it becomes good. I'm aiming for that!

The games you purchased sound awesome. Like really great workouts. I'd imagine one you're going with those you'll really have extra energy. I should check those out as well. Cool
deanhills on Mon Jun 30, 2014 4:50 am
Well I'm feeling pretty damn sore this morning. It seems a lot of the exercises had the most impact on my back muscles. That's probably not a bad thing. Maybe if I build up and tone my back it might reduce the back pain/tension I've been experiencing for a while (couple years). Part of the reason I have issues sleeping in (in addition to cats) is my back starts to get sore in the early morning. The discomfort makes it difficult if not impossible to find a comfortable position to sleep in. I usually always give up and just get on with my day. This usually starts around 5am sometimes 6am if I'm lucky.

I might try some of the yoga tonight. I'm not going to say that's an easier workout since some of the positions really hit my legs.
TheGremlyn on Mon Jun 30, 2014 12:50 pm
Strange. I've got the same thing with my back. I've always slept on my side, but for the last three years have trained myself to sleep on my back with my head slightly up (stacked pillows) and a pillow under my legs. I think one can buy adjustable beds that will probably do it much better. The bed to fit your body instead of the other way round. Maybe one day when I've got spare cash and don't know what to do with it I'll invest in a bed like that. Razz

Here's an example of what I mean:

deanhills on Mon Jun 30, 2014 6:51 pm
That is great, TG (& Dean). Make the rest of us slackers feel bad. laugh
I did get my walk in this morning despite the humidity and heat. Rest of my exercise is cleaning the house.
standready on Mon Jun 30, 2014 9:17 pm
I think if I was back out in the country side I'd indulge in nice long walks. I'm not as confident downtown and there are some odd people. It is a little unnerving when people get beat up or murdered not far from home. I also tend to get a few too many looks :S. I pretend like I don't notice them but I see almost everything around me when I'm walking somewhere.
TheGremlyn on Mon Jun 30, 2014 11:17 pm

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