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Had a dream last night and I was out watching my fish swimming around and it was rather dark in my living room, the only source of light being the aquarium.

Anyways, I was watching my female beta swimming about when she came rather close and looked at me. I sensed something was wrong and suddenly she turned belly up and was dead but she looked like she'd been dead for several hours or even a couple days! I quickly scooped her out so she wouldn't decompose and maybe make my other fish sick. Then I was worried that something was wrong with the water and that my other fish might die. That's when the water started to get really cloudy.

The span of time between when I woke up from the dream to when I found myself looking at my fish for real is a huge blur! I don't really remember clearly the point when I woke up and thought that I needed to check on my fish. I don't really remember getting out of bed and walking/stumbling out to the living room and to the aquarium or sitting on the floor. I just sort of clued in that I was sitting in front of my aquarium and looking at them, making sure they were alive because I had dreamed that one of them had died!

All very weird but I know it's nothing like sleep walking. I talk in my sleep occasionally, that's about it.

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So funny (but not that funny) story. One of my fish died. Actually it was the Pleco, which really sucks as I thought he'd outlive anything in my tank. Them snails will have to pull double shifts to keep it clean! I was feeding it and kept up with minor water changes. Only rinsed filters in water removed from the tank so I didn't upset my environment. Hmmm........ He was otherwise healthy I think. He was alive when I left and I fed him with the rest of the fish. Sad Darn........
TheGremlyn on Thu Jun 19, 2014 11:43 pm
Looks as though you are in perfect sync with the fish. I sometimes wonder about the invisible knowledge we may have that doesn't quite make it to our conscious world.
deanhills on Fri Jun 20, 2014 12:24 pm
You are in tune with those fish. Sorry to hear one did pass.
standready on Sat Jun 21, 2014 12:36 am

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