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Freaking Canadian Geese!

So I was walking around, looking to take more pictures. I haven't been doing that as much as I'd like even though I have this nice camera! Well, I started walking along the waterfront here. It's not as nice as you'd think, the water looks brown cause of the crap clinging to the rocks under water. The water is... clean I guess. There's a filtration plant up river but there was a flood some years ago and I know a great deal of untreated sewage was let out into the river. Gross all the same and I'll never swim in this water!!!

Anyways, I saw some ducks but I also happened across some geese. I knew to be careful and I approached slowly cause I knew these guys can turn on you and chase you down! On top of that they had their little babies with them! I'll say I was able to crouch down and inched my way within about 3 week of a group and I just let them walk around. This is what I came up with.

Sorry about the size but I thought these would look better the bigger they were!

On another note, while I was at work I was going to meet a friend for lunch at the athletics building as they have a nice vegetarian/vegan place and I love their avocado and brie sandwiches! Anyways, a crew was working on a sidewalk I'd normally take so I took the scenic route behind the building and along the river. As I got to the area of the complex where a workout room is basically just glass and looks out onto this path and the water I encountered two groups of geese with their babies.

Last time I was able to get within a few feet but this time... I couldn't get within 10 feet of these guys! I assume it's the male that turned on me a couple times and started hissing at me. I had to laugh a little but I was mindful of the people currently working out and I really didn't want to make a spectacle of myself. I really didn't want to be that girl that got chased down by a goose!

I kept my distance and I managed to edge my way between the two. I was so bloody nervous and as I went between them I heard hisses from either side so I quickened my pace significantly and got the heck out of there!!!!

Suffice to say I am unharmed and my dignity is intact. I made my lunch date and thoroughly enjoyed my lunch!

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Great photos TG. Detail is amazingly clear and in focus. Reminds me of the Geese at Stanley Park in Vancouver. They do have the ability to dirty up a place. And they can look a bit formidable at times as well.
deanhills on Sat Jun 14, 2014 4:09 am
Ducks and geese could be very protective and aggressive.
Some people even got broken bones.

Please don't get too close to them,
if you are not able to protect yourself from these angry birds!

Walk slowly backwards if the goose hisses at you or spreads its wings.
Use your peripheral vision to avoid tripping over obstacles.

Stay calm, and don't yell or try to hit the male goose.
The female may join the attack and then you will be in real trouble.
rx9876 on Mon Jun 16, 2014 10:14 am
I've never had reason to be worried about being attacked by any of the geese/ducks around Stanley Park in Vancouver, BC. The Canadian geese are completely fearless though in the sense that they won't make way for any one else and have a pace that is uniquely their own. They also act as though they own the Park. People usually make way for them.
deanhills on Mon Jun 16, 2014 12:28 pm
Fantastic photos TG! Thanks for sharing. Glad neither you nor goose were harmed.
Saturday while out, I had some of your geese cross the road to get to a drainage pond. The little ones were being corralled along the way.
standready on Mon Jun 16, 2014 9:04 pm

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