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Quick Update

Not sure how I'm only -64.99

Anyways. Just popping in since someone asked me about free hosting places.

I landed a permanent job at the University on the 16th of May. It was touch and go since my contract was set to end April 15th. A couple days before my manager told me I was being extended for about a month. Took about 2 weeks to get the letter that said I was extended until the 15th of May. I had also applied for a permanent position on the Service Desk that a former coworker vacated (a part of his plan to get me off contract). I applied for the job mid March and just sat there twiddling my thumbs. I'd gone from being super pumped and waiting to charge in and blow them away in the interview. The longer I waited the more stressed I became.

Finally got an interview and I felt like it was a little stacked in my favour and it was just a formality, but they can't say that to me so I was still stressed I somehow wouldn't get it! The stacked my panel with my manager, whom I knew very well, and a ridiculously nice woman from the library. I felt I did a really good job answering their questions. The question I thought about for a moment was one where they asked me if I'd started a project on my own in my free time. Being in IT I kept thinking of some technical thing but I didn't have any. Then I confessed to the time and effort spent trying to start a small, somewhat real, aquarium with live plants and stuff. Apparently that's a tough one to answer and it's more about how you talk about your project.

Anyways, I got the job and I've already had my meeting with HR to get my benefits and pension and stuff setup. My first pay from this position will be on the 28th of June. My pay won't change but less will be going into my account now that I'm paying into benefits and pension. I just have to get through the 6 months probation and they'll have a hard time getting rid of me.

I've actually been pretty busy during all this. I was pulled into the Office 365 migration of staff accounts across campus. 3-4 of up are sent out to meet the staff and faculty in their office and we spend 1.5 hours with them. We swap out the hard drive that contains our XP image and we throw in a Windows 7 image. In addition we orient them on the new email system (desktop and web). We were using Groupwise (eww) and now we're on Outlook. Users have gone from a 500mb to 1gb mailbox quota for 50gb! Attachment sizes have also increased from 10mb to 25mb. We do anywhere from 3 to 4 migrations each. On top of this I also have to work on Service Desk stuff like tickets and phone calls and interacting with people in person when I'm on the desk. I've also got 2 new projects to work on since my previous Mac Bistro project mostly wrapped up.

Anyways, I have a meeting to sort of prep for. I'm not sure how regular I'll be on here. But here's a post to feed the masses.

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It's nice to hear your good news.
It must be annoying to work and wait for contract renew.

You finally got the permanent job which you deserved long time ago.
rx9876 on Thu Jun 12, 2014 8:04 am

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