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First WIG Meeting

This morning I'm going to my first WIG (wildly important goal) meeting where I talk about my Lead Measure (Mac Presence) and mention what my commitments were for last week and what my commitments to meet for next week are.

It seems the ones I set for last week included preparing my Scope Statement and getting Management Sign-Off on my scope statement. For next week I will be emailing my team members/various touch points for my project and letting them know what role they will play. I have another that is meeting with the library staff to discuss design ideas and selections for the Mac Presence.

I'm kind of nervous but I have a good idea of what I'm supposed to say and I don't have to go first! I can watch what other people say and kind of go from there.

I was congratulated on my scope statement but my manager and one of the others. I have one of them on Facebook so he was under the impression this was the first scope statement I'd ever written but he was really impressed with how well written it was. I can't say I've written a "Scope Statement" before but when I was looking it up I found that the project charter I did for my school project was very similar. I was just having issues where I wasn't sure how to state it but once I finally started typing everything just fell into place.

I'm nervous in general because I have to talk about this project that I've really only just started and it involves a lot of stuff I've never dealt with before. I just hope as I progress that I don't find out about this that suddenly present huge issues. I'm okay if I discover these new things (whatever they may be) but we can simply work through them. I expect to discover a lot while working through this project because I can't, at this moment, predict or describe every detail of the project and steps that need to be taken, a lot of that I will find out along the way.


Almost time to head out. Toodles!

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