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Hair and Plants and Pots!

More of a quick update. I've had a little bug in my brain, feeding the desire for red highlights. This morning was the first day or my glorious weekend after a crazy week! I was playing Assassins Creed 3 and I kept thinking about how I wanted to get my hair trimmed and get those few highlights in. I also wanted to stop by Canadian Tire and get some small-medium sized pots for the Christmas plant thing I got and my new Hyacinth (that was a random grocery store purchase). My brained nagged at me for a while until I finally threw down my controller, threw on some clothes and a hat and charged out the door to grab a bus!

At first the place I went to wasn't going to do the highlights because they had too much going on and another colour coming in. The hairdresser was getting the sink thing ready to wash my hair when she started asking me what it was I wanted to do with the highlights and I told her I only wanted a few red highlights and she's like "like the 7 highlight deal?" and I said yes. That's when it dawned on her that something like that was actually very quick and easy (compared to a full head highlight job) and she got approval from the manager to do it.

So I picked out the 6RV (level 6 red violet) and she determined my natural hair was a level 4. She mumbled numbers like "do I do a 20 or should I go 30 because her hair is so dark and we want them to pop out a bit". She settled on the 30 and added in a red booster. She did 3 foils on left and right just under a thin layer of hair where I part my hair. She did one on either side of my head just above my ear. We had obviously done more than the original 7 and she fit another 3 small ones at the back of my head around my crown.

I went through the waiting process and I sat under a dryer. Then we washed my hair and started the trim. I ended up insisting on a flat iron to finish my hair up and I eventually got out of there after I don't know how long and I tipped $10 because she did a great job and she was super nice. The result?

I was going for subtle an I think this worked well. Now I have I don't know how many colours in my hair! My natural brown and whatever blonde and auburn highlights I naturally got from my mom and then the red/violet i just put in. Lets not forget the grey! I feel better though and I'm slowing working towards growing my hair out. Now we'll see how many people at work notice (for those who aren't on my Facebook).

After this I was quite hungry so I went to Starbucks and used up one of my gift cards and bought a raspberry mocha and a roasted tomato and mozzarella sandwich. The building is actually very small so if you're staying you may find yourself sitting across from a random stranger and be mildly weirded out. When I was done it was 2pm and I dashed up to Canadian Tire, found the garden section and picked out 2 pots and some potting soil.

The Hyacinth went into the smaller white pot at my friend's suggestion (I texted him the pictures of the pots and the plants).

The tree thing I got from Costco that is super angry on one side went into the slightly larger brown pot.

I even had enough soil left over that I redid the Christmas cactus I got months ago. I didn't like the random dirt that was pulled from the vegetable garden and after watering it so many times already the dirt was settling and roots were being exposed. I didn't take a picture of that. I may have to get a smaller bag of soil just to fill in any dips from the soil as it settles over the course of this month. Hopefully that little tree cheers up a bit since, when I pulled it out, it was a mass of roots and next to no dirt!

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TG is styling!!! What does Mynx think of your potted friends (oh, new toy to bat)? I hope you loosen up the ball of roots on your tree when you re-potted it. Hyacinth also.
standready on Sun Jan 19, 2014 2:50 am
I did my best to loosen up the roots of the tree. It's such a matted ball but hopefully it's okay. I did the same for the hyacinth. Is it a perenial? I tried to read up on that but it never said. All it did say is that the bulb is poisonous and can cause mild skin irritation. Not sure if that's all hyacinths or just some. But my hands seem fine! Mynx did sniff them but she isn't that interested in them.
TheGremlyn on Sun Jan 19, 2014 5:21 am
Hair looks GREAT! I like the subtle colouring, and the style is very professional as well. So now you have a green thumb too! The Hyacinth is picture perfect. Maybe you could try your new camera on it as well?
deanhills on Sun Jan 19, 2014 7:33 pm
The new camera might be a good idea now that I don't have dirt all over my fingers!
TheGremlyn on Sun Jan 19, 2014 9:59 pm
I had a fun chat with a friend of mine about hairdressers and my hair. I usually end up with a different one each time and I don't get my hair done as often as they'd like (I would go 4 or 6 months between cuts). Each hairdresser thinks they can tame my hair after I tell them how crazy it gets (poofs out and how inconsistent the curls/waves are). They all throw something in my hair like mousse or some other product and try to blow dry it with a round brush, the look of confidence in their eyes. I tell them they'll have to use a flat iron and straighten the whole thing but they're convinced they don't need to do that. Well, they go around and suddenly realize by hair is getting very frizzy and it's expanding. They might switch out to a different brush and alter their technique but eventually they scurry away and come back with a flat iron.

My friend kind of laughed and said "OK there Medusa!"

If only my hair could turn people to stone. Life on the Help Desk would be far more interesting Twisted Evil
TheGremlyn on Mon Jan 20, 2014 5:17 pm

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