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I can't believe I've been sick for this long! I think it was probably somewhere around the 11th of December when I first started to feel sick and it went downhill from there. It's all a jumble in my head when I was working, what day I was off sick. I thought I was getting better, I just had a little cough cause I still felt like I had stuff in my lungs (upper region). Then the day after boxing day I felt crappy again. I started to feel dizzy while lying down and then my head would feel 3 sizes too big. I tried to drink lots of water and I resorted to the fabled healing powers of chicken noodle soup. I could tell something was up because I was coughing a big more and my nose... felt funny. It's hard to explain.

I talked to one of my friends about it and he just keeps telling me I'm way too stressed. It's probably true since Christmas was a crap chute. It became apparent going to my dad's place for Christmas wasn't going to work very well, what with my brother and nephew and sister already being there the night before. I could have gone out to the house for Christmas eve but pretty sure I do not want to sleep in the house my mom died in... just saying. I probably wouldn't get any sleep and I'd be reduced to fits of crying.

I tried to compromise with my sister because I had presents from me and from my mom's pen pal from England sitting under my little tree. I thought it would be nice if they could come back into town and open the rest of the presents here. My sister was not cooperating and I ended up telling her "I'll just throw these in a bag then and you can get them whenever you have time". I don't think she realized how pissed I was. I like planning, planning makes my World go round some days. My sister DOES NOT PLAN!!!

So since Christmas was basically not happening for me and I was crying I was quite willing to go to my friend's parents' place when the mom texted me. They were dropping off their eldest son downtown and they could get me and bring me back to spend the night and the night after that since I wanted to go boxing day shopping.

Well I slept well enough and I brought my one present from my mom's pen pal and I opened that Christmas morning. Then I went off and was having coffee with the second parents and we were going to have egg mcmuffins for a late breakfast. That's when I noticed my sister freaking out on facebook because she was trying to get a hold of me and I'd left my phone downstairs. Anyways, she was saying that if I paid her gas money she'd come in and get me so I could open some presents while our nephew was still there since he had to leave at... some point... I never did figure out when (this is how horrendous planning is with these people).

Well I was still pissed and wasn't going to change what I was doing because she pops up out of no where with some last minute idea! Then she started saying "Oh, I see you're with [second parents]. Nice to know where we rank". And "It really hurts that you won't come out and spend Christmas with your family."

Yes... because I wasn't trying to do that the night before!!!!!!!! I'm only going to impose on people so much to get rides to places, and I wasn't going to make someone in here drive me out to the middle of nowhere! I tried to get them into my place and it was a reasonable idea! Christmas doesn't just happen at the house, it doesn't just happen when our nephew is around! I could only image what this would have been like if I had more of a life and a husband and who knows how many places to go to meet with various family and friends for dinners and gifts, etc, etc, etc.


So maybe that's why I've gotten sick again. My mom died and our family was rocky. Christmas happened and we're all at different levels of "omg this if the first Christmas with out mom (aka Santa)." Nice to know I could hold my tongue and not say something too rash. Nice to see that after what I did for them I still get shit on.

I'm not the black sheep in the family. I'm a good person. I'm a nice person. I care about people. I do not want to get shit on. I do not want to take on this kind of crap from anyone, least of all family.

As far as I'm concerned they are not my family. I am done with them. Next time they need somewhere to stay because of crazy they can stick it in their ear.

Okay. Deep breath. Happier posts to follow. I have some cute pictures I can post once I get those sorted out. I had a good Christmas otherwise with my other peoples.

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Too bad we can't choose our family. Mine is a joke as well but I got over it (sort of).
I hope you feel better real soon!
standready on Mon Dec 30, 2013 11:34 pm
I've got some of the same, can be a real pain in the neck. Worst part is the guilt afterwards, so hope you won't move in that direction next. Family can be quite a menace with working those buttons. Like Stand, maybe I've got past that too, sort off. Razz

Here's wishing you a wonderful New Year TG. Gotta to say you've really livened up things in the Blog Section with very interesting blog posts during the year. Want to thank you for that, and wishing to hear more about your many hobbies. Particularly the pets. And your new toys. Really looking forward to the photos.
deanhills on Tue Dec 31, 2013 11:36 am

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